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Welcome to HamRadioWorld !!!

This site has gone through many changes over the past few years and the updates have been far and few between. I have decided to renew my efforts to Amateur Radio and this website. Hopefully you will find usefull information and ideas here that will help you further enjoy your hobby.

Introductions: I am KB0TLW Chris and I live in Independence Missouri (EM-29). I work for a Major telecom company providing Wireless Internet Access over Digital Cell Phones (PCS). My hobbies include Ham Radio (DUH!), Homebrewing, Computing, Fishing Hunting, and Guns. I also have an assortment of Snakes and 2 cats!

SoundCard Interfaces for PSK31, MTSK, Packet, RTTY, Feld-Hell, and most every other Digital Mode! I have compiled an assortment of interesting articles, schematics, software and other information to help you get going.

Rig Control Interface for most Newer ICOM rigs. I built several for myself and friends with relative ease. Takes few parts and about an hour of your time. Saves a lot of money. See the Plans


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Questions? Comments? email kb0tlw@hamradioworld.com

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