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HamRadioWorld's PSK31 Notes, Software, and links.

Designed by Peter G3PLX, this digital mode works great at low power and in high noise situations. Requiring little bandwidth (31 Hz) many stations can operate on the same RF frequency by utuilizing different AF frequencies. The mode provides a medium for keyboard to keyboard QSO's (up to 50 words per minute) and rumor has it you can now send pictures via PSK31 (haven't seen it for myself). Normal operation requires a radio, soundcard, PSK31 software, isolation circuit and PTT circuit.


Available Software:

IZ8BLY Stream - New mode MFSK16 Works Great That funny noise you keep hearing. Check it out!!!

WinWarbler - My Favorite so far for PSK31

DigiPan Download Page Works well but crashes on my PC when attempting to click on a different signal


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