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Name: Paulo Pinto

Born: 27/09/1965

CB  license: 1979

Ham license: 1993





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Special callsign to comemorate EXPO 98 in Lisbon



CQWPX 1994 by CT1ETE



CQWW 1997 by CT1ETE & CT1ERK





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QSL Album

5B4BD 5N0GC 5R8DA 5T5SV 5U7Y 5Z4FZ 6V6U
9K2ZZ 9L1PG 9M0C 9M2HB 9Q5TR 9V1ZB 9X5EE

QSO Statistics

08/07/00 Worked Confirmed  Outstanding Unsent
Mixed  278 231 37  10
Phone 273 226 38 9
CW 77 25 8 44
RTTY 102 45 12 45
160 0 0 0 0
80 1 1 0 0
40 24 13 6 5
30 0 0 0 0
20 237 150 53 34
17 48 13 11 24
15 233 125 55 53
12 16 2 2 12
10 141 76 38  27
Band/Countries      700 380 165 155

Confirmed / Worked / Needed DXCC entities

1A0 S.M. Order Malta CNF    KG4 Guantanamo Bay CNF
1S Spratly Is. CNF KH0 Mariana Is. CNF
3A Monaco CNF KH1 Baker/Howland Is.
3B6 Agalega/St. Brandon KH2 Guam WRK
3B8 Mauritius CNF KH3 Johnston I.
3B9 Rodriguez I. CNF KH4 Midway I. WRK
3C Equat. Guinea CNF KH5 Palmyra/Jarvis Is.
3C0 Pagalu I. KH5K Kingman Reef
3D2/C Conway KH6 Hawaiian Is. CNF
3D2/F Fiji Is. WRK KH7 Kure I.
3D2/R Rotuma I. KH8 American Samoa CNF
3DA Swaziland WRK KH9 Wake I.
3V Tunisia CNF KL7 Alaska CNF
3W Vietnam CNF  KP1 Navassa I.
3X Guinea CNF KP2 Virgin Is. CNF
3Y/B  Bouvet KP4 Puerto Rico CNF
3Y/P Peter I. CNF  KP5 Desecheo Is.
4J Azerbaijan WRK LA Norway CNF
4L  Georgia WRK LU Argentina CNF
4S Sri Lanka CNF  LX Luxembourg CNF
4U1ITU ITU Geneva CNF LY Lithuania CNF
4U1UN U.N. New York CNF LZ Bulgaria CNF
4W East Timor CNF OA Peru CNF
4X Israel CNF OD Lebanon CNF
5A Libya CNF OE Austria CNF
5B Cyprus CNF OH Finland CNF
5H Tanzania CNF OH0 Aland Is. CNF
5N Nigeria CNF OJ0 Market Reef CNF
5R Madagascar CNF OK Czech Republic CNF
5T Mauritania CNF OM Slovak Republic CNF
5U Niger CNF ON Belgium CNF
5V Togo OX Greenland CNF
5W  Western Samoa OY Faroe Is. WRK
5X Uganda CNF OZ Denmark CNF
5Z Kenya CNF P2 Papua New Guinea CNF
6W Senegal CNF P4 Aruba CNF
6Y Jamaica CNF P5 North Korea
7O Republic of Yemen WRK PA Netherlands CNF
7P Lesotho CNF PJ2 Bonaire/Curacao CNF
7Q Malawi CNF PJ5 St Maarten/St Eustatius WRK
7X Algeria CNF PY Brazil CNF
8P Barbados CNF  PY0/F Fernando de Noronha CNF
8Q Maldive Is. CNF PY0/S St Peter/Paul Rocks
8R Guyana CNF PY0/T Trindade/Martin Vaz Is. WRK
9A Croatia CNF PZ Surinam CNF
9G Ghana CNF R1FJ Franz Josef Land WRK
9H  Malta CNF R1MV Malyj Vysotskij I. CNF
9J Zambia CNF S0 Western Sahara CNF
9K Kuwait CNF S2 Bangladesh CNF
9L Sierra Leone CNF S5 Slovenia CNF
9M2 West Malaysia CNF S7 Seychelles CNF
9M6 East Malaysia WRK S9 Sao Tome/Principe CNF
9N Nepal CNF SM Sweden CNF
9Q Democratic Rep. of Congo
9U Burundi CNF ST Sudan
9V Singapore CNF SU Egypt CNF
9X Rwanda CNF SV Greece CNF
9Y Trinidad/Tobago CNF SV/A Mt. Athos CNF
A2 Botswana WRK SV5 Dodecanese WRK
A3 Tonga SV9 Crete CNF
A4 Oman CNF T2 Tuvalu
A5 Bhutan CNF T30 W Kiribati
A6 United Arab Emirates WRK T31 C Kiribati
A7 Qatar CNF T32 E Kiribati
A9 Bahrain CNF T33 Banaba
AP Pakistan WRK T5 Somali
BS7 Scarborough Reef T7 San Marino CNF
BV Taiwan CNF T9 Bosnia-Hercegovina WRK
BV9P Pratas I. WRK TA Turkey CNF
BY China CNF TF Iceland CNF
C2 Nauru TG Guatemala CNF
C3 Andorra WRK TI Costa Rica WRK
C5 The Gambia CNF TI9 Cocos I.
C6 Bahamas CNF TJ Cameroon WRK
C9 Mozambique CNF TK Corsica CNF
CE Chile CNF TL Central African Republic CNF
CE0X San Felix CNF TN Congo
CE0Y Easter I. CNF TR Gabon WRK
CE0Z  Juan Fernandez WRK TT Chad CNF
CN Morocco CNF TU Ivory Coast CNF
CO Cuba CNF TY Benin CNF
CP Bolivia CNF TZ Mali CNF
CT Portugal CNF UA European Russia CNF
CT3 Madeira Is. CNF UA2 Kaliningrad WRK
CU Azores CNF UA9 Asiatic Russia CNF
CX Uruguay CNF UK Uzbekistan WRK
CY0 Sable I. UN Kazakhstan WRK
CY9 St. Paul I. WRK UR Ukraine CNF
D2 Angola CNF V2 Antigua/Barbuda CNF
D4 Cape Verde CNF V3  Belize CNF
D6 Comoros V4 St. Kitts/Nevis CNF
DL Germany CNF       V5 Namibia CNF
DU Philippines CNF V6 Micronesia CNF
E3 Eritrea WRK V7 Marshall Is. CNF
E4 Palestine CNF V8 Brunei
EA Spain CNF VE Canada CNF
EA6 Balearic Is. CNF VK Australia
EA8 Canary Is. CNF VK0/H Heard I. CNF
EA9 Ceuta/Melilla CNF VK0/M Macquarie I. WRK
EI Ireland CNF VK9C Cocos-Keeling Is.
EK Armenia WRK VK9L Lord Howe I.
EL Liberia CNF VK9M Mellish Reef
EP Iran CNF VK9N Norfolk I. CNF
ER Moldavia WRK VK9W  Willis I. CNF
ES Estonia WRK VK9X Christmas I.
ET Ethiopia CNF VP2E Anguilla CNF
EU Belarus CNF VP2M Monserrat CNF
EX Kyrgyzstan CNF VP2V British Virgin Is. CNF
EY Tajikstan VP5 Turks/Caicos Is. CNF
EZ Turkmenistan VP6 Pitcairn I. WRK
F France CNF VP8/F Falkland Is. CNF
FG Guadeloupe WRK VP8/G S Georgia Is. CNF
FH Mayotte CNF VP8/O S Orkney Is.
FK New Caledonia CNF VP8/SA S Sandwich
FK/C Chesterfield Isl. WRK VP8/SH S Shetland Is. CNF
FM Martinique CNF VP9 Bermuda CNF
FO/A Austral Is. VQ9 Chagos CNF
FO/C Clipperton I. WRK VR Hong Kong CNF
FO/M Marquesas Is. CNF VU India CNF
FO/P French Polynesia CNF VU/A Andaman/Nicobar Is.
FP St. Pierre/Miquelon CNF VU/L Laccadive Is.
FR/G Glorioso Is. WRK W USA CNF
FR/J Juan de Nova/Europa XE Mexico WRK
FR/R Reunion CNF XF4 Revilla Gigedo CNF
FR/T Tromelin XT Burkina Faso CNF
FS Saint Martin CNF XU Cambodia WRK
FT8W Crozet XW Laos CNF
FT8X Kerguelen Is. XX9 Macao CNF
FT8Z Amsterdam/St. Paul Is. XZ Myanmar (Burma)
FW Wallis/Futuna Is. CNF YA Afganistan
FY French Guiana CNF YB Indonesia CNF
G England CNF YI Iraq CNF
GD Isle of Man CNF YJ Vanuatu
GI Northern Ireland CNF YK  Syria WRK
GJ Jersey WRK YL Latvia CNF
GM Scotland CNF YN Nicaragua CNF
GU Guernsey CNF YO Romania CNF
GW Wales CNF YS El Salvador CNF
H4 Solomon Is. WRK YU Yugoslavia CNF
H40 Temotu Is. WRK YV Venezuela CNF
HA Hungary CNF YV0 Aves I. CNF
HB Switzerland CNF Z2  Zimbabwe CNF
HB0 Liechtenstein CNF Z3 Macedonia CNF
HC Ecuador CNF ZA Albania CNF
HC8 Galapagos Is. CNF ZB Gibraltar CNF
HH Haiti CNF ZC4 UK Base on Cyprus CNF
HI Dominican Republic CNF ZD7 St. Helena CNF
HK Colombia CNF ZD8 Ascension I. CNF
HK0/M Malpelo I. ZD9 Tristan da Cunha/Gough CNF
 HK0/S San Andres/Providencia WRK ZF Cayman Is. CNF
HL South Korea CNF ZK1/N N Cook Is. WRK
HP Panama CNF ZK1/S S Cook Is. CNF
HR Honduras CNF ZK2 Niue
HS Thailand CNF ZK3 Tokelau Is.
HV Vatican CNF ZL New Zealand CNF
HZ Saudi Arabia CNF ZL7 Chatham Is. CNF
I Italy CNF ZL8 Kermadec Is.
IS0 Sardinia CNF ZL9 Auckland/Campbell Is. CNF
J2 Djibouti CNF ZP Paraguay CNF
J3 Grenada CNF ZS South Africa CNF
J5 Guinea-Bissau CNF ZS8 Prince Edward/Marion Is. CNF      
J6 St. Lucia CNF
J7 Dominica WRK
J8 St. Vincent CNF
JA Japan CNF
JD1/M Minami Torishima
JD1/O Ogasawara
JT Mongolia CNF
JW Svalbard CNF
JX Jan Mayen CNF
JY Jordan CNF
KC4  Antarctica CNF
KC6 Palau (W Carolines) CNF

Space Station MIR

This section is dedicated to MIR, all crew members, personal of Tsoup, MIREX coordinators and an incredible number of amateur radio operators who spend many hours trying to follow MIR's activities.



If you want to learn about MIR modules you can follow the next link


Listen to my Voice contacts with Jean-Pierre Haignere



MIR is a Russian word that means PEACE or WORLD. Since 1986, when the first module of MIR Space Station went to space, that the amateur radio community has the opportunity to easily contact cosmonauts, as the station has been almost continuously occupied. It is very difficult to tell what I felt when I first contacted a member of the crew in 1997. It was Valery Korzun, the commander of MIR-22. The main activity of the cosmonauts it isn't Ham Radio, of course. They have work to accomplish. Meanwhile, the Ham community can use the PMS (Personal Message System) to send messages to the crew. Remember that there are procedures to work MIR. We must not forget that we're not alone and there are many other operators who are waiting for a chance to talk to space. So, if we follow the rules everybody will be happy. On this page I will try to share my experiences regarding MIR activity. I will update as soon as I have new material. You can follow the many links on this page that can give you important information.

Here you can read a message from Miles Mann (MAREX-NA) on how to behave:


1 Listen first before Transmitting.
2 Wait till the crew says CQ or QRZ
We have been teaching the crew more  Amateur Radio protocol and they are catching
on, slowly.

3 When you hear CQ/QRZ, just say the last two letters of you calls sign, twice and
that's all
     example:  WF WF    (don't say anything else, until you hear the crew say, something similar too.  Station WF please continue?.

4 Keep your conversation short and speak very slowly.  If you are fluent in French
or Russian that's better, use the appropriate languages or English too.

5 When you are done, the crew will usually remember to say CQ/QRZ for the next
station waiting. When the band is too crowded, Jean-Pierre usually says Break Break,
which is his way of asking all stations to please stop transmitting.

6 If the crew is on voice, so not send any packet messages.  The crew will sometimes leave the Kantronics KPC-9612 ON, while they are on voice.  This is so they can read OLD mail while
they are talking on voice

7. Do not ask the crew about the QSL card procedures.  The Mir crew does not Keeps logs of radio contacts.  Just send a card to one of the two address below.

Current Channel, 145.985 FM Simplex.

I would like to ask everyone to please be patient regarding Amateur Radio operations on Mir.  The Amateur Radio portion of the Mir experiments are primarily OFF-Hours experiments.  The Mir crews do have a very busy schedule and only have a very limited amount of FREE-Time to use the educational Amateur Radio experiments.

QSL Information:

Please use one of the following QSL managers and follow the directions for that Manager
and included the following information:

Return Name and Address, country, ZIP
Date and time of your contact, In UTC format
Signal report (Best guess)
Radio Station and Antenna (optional)

All Mir contacts, including SWL, Two-way voice or Packet connections (R0MIR),
and including the Sputnik Satellites

Envelopes should be well sealed and do not include cash.
Send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope ) and one or two IRC coupons (which can be purchased at major US post offices).
Do not make any notes on the out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio Call signs visible.

Sergej Samburov
PO Box 73
Korolev-10 City
Moscow Area, 141070, Russia


For Two-way contacts with Mir ONLY.  Just for the call sign R0MIR and R0MIR-1
No SWL (Short Wave Listener) cards will be issued at this address.
No Sputnik cards

Dr. Dave Larsen - N6CO/K6MIR
PO Box 311
Pine Grove, California

Please include a SASE (Business Size Envelope) and two IRC's  for international.
If you are sending an IRC, Please make sure it is dated 1999, as the post office
won't accept IRC's dated over 1 year old

Make sure the cancel stamp is in the right place on the IRC.
"Green Stamps" (USA ONLY) are appreciated for covering additional costs.

Note: Dave Larsen MIREX / N6CO is not handling SWL cards for Sputnik, please use
the other addresses


Current Mir Crew Members:

SOYUZ TM-29 arrived at Mir on February 20, 1999.  Mir Soyuz TM-29 crew consisted of French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere, Viktor Afanasyev and Slovakian Cosmonaut Ivan Bella
On February 28, some of the crew returned to earth, they were:
Slovak Ivan Bella and Gennadiy Paldalko.
Gennadiys mission lasted approximately 6 months (August 16 1998 - February 28

The remaining crew consists of:

The French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut  Sergei  Avdeyev.

Sergei mission began August 16, and is expected to last a total of 12 months.

PMS Status (Personal Message System):
The PMS activity was a little intermittent last week, but its running good.

Tracking Mir:
For current tracking data, try the CelesTrak web page at

Copyright 1999 Miles Mann, All Rights Reserved.  This document may be freely distributed via the following means - Email (including listservers), Usenet,and World-Wide-Web.  It may not be reproduced for profit including, but not limited to, CD ROMs, books, and/or other commercial outlets without prior written consent from the author.
Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space Station Mir are considered public domain and may be freely distributed, without prior permission.

Miles WF1F

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