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This site is my personal homage to the follows VHF CT´s pioneers:


EU-to-US Record

Dave,N5JHV DM62 give this info: I think the W5EU-I0JX qso is probably a record for multi-hop Es. But, overall, it is possible that my F2 qso on Jan 2, 1992 with YT3YL, DM62of<>JN65tw might be longest Eu-US qso. My calculations show distance 5876 miles or 9456 km.

I0JXgive this info : I had a (confirmed) QSO with W5EU of 9059 Km (EM12OM-JN61GW) on 1995. Region-1 record belongs to JY7SIX-WD4KPD with 9774 Km (but that is not Europe...) see also http://www.kirsta.demon.co.uk/radio/dxrec.htm

My best 1998 Dx

Arizona to Europe on 6 meters Is it a new 6 meter world DX record? That's what many are wondering as Tom Taylor, W7RV in Scottsdale, Arizona grid square DM43 works Portuguese station CT4KQ in grid IN60 on June 23rd on 50.125 MHZ on SSB. The contact took place around 14:40 UTC over an approximate 5400 mile path. According to Taylors posting to the VHF Reflector, CT4KQ had a very good signal into Scottsdale. Tom says that the propagation was E skip and had to be either 5 hops or 4 very long ones. Either way, Tom says that this was a lot harder than working Japanese stations on six meters over an all water path. This was also my first European QSO via multi-hop E propagation. But it was not over yet. A little later Tom heard, EH7KW on 50.140 MHZ, but couldn't break thru the second district pile-up he was working. (Via Newsline, VHF Reflector)


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