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"Amsats and Hamsats - Amateur radio and other small satellites" is available from in printed or Kindle formats (just click on the cover). You can also buy a copy from the RSGB bookshop or the ARRL bookshop.
Amsats and Hamsats provides a broad overview of how to communicate through amateur radio satellites and how to receive signals from other small satellites and 'weather' satellites. It also answers questions like, "how do satellites stay in orbit" and "why are they so expensive to launch?" There are sections about the history of amateur radio satellites, the mathematics governing orbits, different types of satellite and their orbits. I cover the equipment you need, to track and use the amateur satellites and some of the satellite tracking software that is available.
A lot of readers will want to get straight into receiving or transmitting, so I have put the operating sections near the beginning and followed up with the technical and general interest chapters.
Interest in amateur satellites is increasing because of the large numbers of 'Cube,' 'Micro,' and 'Pico' satellites being launched into space. Listening to signals from satellites or sending signals through them is a challenging and rewarding part of the radio hobby.
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