My articles - mostly published in Break-in
This collection of short articles in pdf format may be of interest. I ask that they not be reprinted or distributed in whole or in part without express the written permission of the author (me).  That means you can download and print them, but please do not put them on your website, copy them to another website or blog, or publish them either online or on paper format.
Copyright (c) 2013 all rights reserved.
Copyright 2021 Andrew Barron ZL3DW
 Back to basics - modulation without maths
 Russian Ham Satellites - Radiosputnik
 A horizontal wire loop antenna for HF
 The LogiTalker voice keyer - review
 What I want in the next generation dream transceiver
 Masthead mounted pre-amplifiers and Noise Figure
 The 'Paper Chase' - award hunting
 HF Contesting is fun
 Working the LEOs parts 1 to 4
 Working the big satellite
 Softrock SDR as a 9Mhz IF on an FT-301
 SWR myths and mysteries
 How to read transceiver test reports
 Fox Delta antenna analyser & power meter kits
 FUNcube Dongle Pro+ SDR Receiver
 How to spot a ham radio Internet rat
 Performance testing of Software Defined Radios
 Filter settings for multiple receiver slices - ANAN-100/D
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