Electronic Circuit Catalogs
and Data Books


Burosch Electronic - This software offers technical data of about 54.000 semiconductors and IC's. Function, housing, pinout, technical data, comparison types.

Burr-Brown Integrated Circuits Data Books and catalogs.

Philips Semiconductors Microcontrollers and Memories.

Philips Semiconductors diodes, hybrid amplifiers, optocouplers, trigger devices.

Philips Semiconductors bipolar and field-effect transistors.

Philips Semiconductors small signal, LF, RF, wideband transistors.

Texas Instruments Linear IC's Data Books.


PartMiner 3.013 part1 and part2- online electronic components searching program. Need activ Internet connection with proxy server. Connect automatically to www.partminer.com.

General transistor database in Hungarian language

General diode database in Hungarian language

General CMOS IC database in Hungarian language

General TTL IC database in Hungarian language

General memory database in Hungarian language

General operational amplifier IC database in Hungarian language

International SMD components codes

Cable Guide 1.02 - Different PC and other calculator cables


       Different transistors database


Online Transistor Cross Reference Database

This database currently has over 40,000 transistors in it which can be cross-referenced to other parts. Enter a search term below to begin your transistor search. Good luck!
Search Term:


Datasheet Search Engine

Search for:   in   
Examples:    • 5V RS232 Driver    • 2SC5066*    • "Real Time Clock"    • "USB connector"    • "blue led" 5mm    • 10 watt zener diode• LM317*    • 2N3055* motorola    • PCF8563* application note    • "seven segment display"

Search Tip: Try entering the part number only. Include wildcard (eg. lm317*)


For measuring and controlling the electronical components and signals, I recommend for you following programs:

Sine Wave Generator
(115 Kbyte)

Digital Oscilloscope
(149 Kbyte)



Frequency Counter
(101 Kbyte)

Frequency analyzer
(64 Kbyte)





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