Midland SYN-TECH II, XTR Programming Interface & Soft

Various useful information gathered from Internet regarding Midland FM transceivers.


Syn-Tech XTR v1.3 april 1990 (DOS)
Syn-Tech XTR & 8 channel v3.2 ian 1994 (DOS)
Syn-Tech XTR & 8channel v3.23 dec 1994 (DOS)
XTR Handheld 70-1022 v2.11 june 1994 (DOS)
Universal Programmer for Midland Hand Held Radios v1.12 (DOS)
Syn-TechII & XTR v2.1.4, 70-1488W-CD (WINDOWS)
. Also BANTAM Radios are supported using 70-1309 interface RJ-45. Read user manual.
Visual Basic Run Time is required for Windows installation >>Visual Basic 5.0 download<<. More details: LINK
Syn-TechII v4.0 oct 1992 (DOS)
Syn-TechII v4.1 dec 1992 (DOS)
CSS Radio Configuration Manager v2.06 (DOS)
Titan 320 v1.01 (WINDOWS)
used for Midland Titan Mobile list
Titan 320 v1.03 (WINDOWS XP)

*** Tested with my old Midland XTR 70-1336


User Manual Programming XTR & 8channel vers 2.0
MIDLAND model info
Programming Tips
Midland Bantam various programming/alignament tips
(source: greenecountycommunications.com, Bob Gass N4FV)
About Midland 70-1440B XTR Programming (link)
Midland Groups.io


Midland 70-1336 Service Manual
Midland 70-1336 Schematic Diagram
Midland 70-1340 Connector

Midland 70-1340 & 70-1440 Brochure
Midland 70-1340 & 70-1440 Service Manual
Midland 70-1342/1442 Schematic Diagram
Midland 70-1526 Service Manual
Midland XTR high power wiring
Midland XTR low power wiring
Midland Syn-Tech II Service Manual
Midland Titan UHF - User Manual
Midland Titan 70-1541/1544/1641/1644 Schematic Diagram and PCB

Other Midland manuals: K5JC website

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MAX232/74HC00 Midland XTR & SYN-TECH II Interface (similar with 70-1308a) rev. 2 due to MAX232 TTL/RS232 pins wrong connected (tested 05.2019)
MAX232/74HC00 Universal Midland Interface IDC/RJ45 (similar with 70-1308 and 70-1309) - XTR/Titan/Bantam - Tnx Dustin for feedback

Genuine Midland Interface 70-1308a with MC145407/74HC00
MAX233/74HC00 Midland Cable Interface (similar with 70-1308a)
- (not tested but wrong RS232/TTL pinouts of MAX233)
Simple MAX232 Midland Interface for 70-1336 (Tested on XTR) - Tnx Jerry for feedback
IDC-10 and RJ-45 Radio types supported
Olympian programming cable IDC-10/RJ45 adapter ( not tested, unknown author)

For DOS software, I use a PC 500MHz and MS-DOS 7.10 (link). Burn ISO image to CD and install on HDD.

Use 10-pin plug (IDC-10) to connect MAX232/74HC00 interface and XTR/Syntech II radio.
Ribbon cable is often used by old computers for COM port connection with motherboard.

Radio programming IDC header pin:


Conector position - be careful how insert:


My Interface Box:





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