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Thank you for making 2005 the BEST WVQP ever!



The 2005 WVQP was held on June 18th.  Sixty eight entries received from 18 states and Canada.  Fifty West Virginia counties were represented.  Greenbrier, Hampshire*, Hancock*, Hardy and Pendleton* counties were not represented. Maybe someone can activate those counties in 2006.  We had four mobile entries which made the WVQP more exciting. Five new all-time scoring records were set in 2005 despite less than favorable band conditions! Congratulations to all the plaque winners and a great big "Thanks" to everyone that participated.  ALL entrants received WVQP certificates.  We hope to see you in 2006.

*Not represented in 2004 WVQP either


High score SO West Virginia

David Mays  W8UI

High score outside West Virginia-GA

Paul Newberry, Jr.  N4PN 

High score contest - WV – M/M

West Virginia DX Association  W8AH

High score Mobile

Ron Bailey   AA4S


Ron Bolen    KG8GW



SO Phone WV                                   W8TN          42,432   (01)

SO CW WV                                       W8UI           33,100   (05)

SO all mode  WV                               WA8WV      37,820   (02)

SO all mode outside WV (GA)             N4PN          10,119   (05)

QRP WV                                            KG8GW      10,201   (05)

QRP outside WV (RI)                         KO1H             2,704   (05)

WV mobile                                        AA4S           38,650   (05)

Multi / Multi                                        W8AH         85,992   (04)



(downloadable "Word" version at bottom of page)

W8AH       WV DX ASSOCIATION      M/M      71,018      1ST CONTEST,CABELL, M/M

AA4S/M     RON BAILEY                 MOBILE   38,650       1ST MOBILE, 11  COUNTIES

NY4N/M    JEFF CLARK                  MOBILE    33,200       2ND MOBILE, 11  COUNTIES

W8UI         DAVID MAYS                  CW         33,100      HS SO WV, 1ST PLEASANTS

AD8J/M     JOHN GETZ                   MOBILE     28,829     3RD MOBILE, 10 COUNTIES

K8JQ         STEVE COURTS            MIXED       23,724         1ST KANAWHA

K3WA       BILL AXELROD              MIXED       20,543         1ST MINERAL

W8OP        ALAN CARPENTER        MOBILE    18,801         4TH MOBILE, 9  COUNTIES


KG8GW     RON BOLEN                    QRP        10,201         1ST QRP, 2ND KANAWHA

N4PN        PAUL NEWBERRY, JR.      MIXED    10,119         1ST GA

K9EU        ERIK ANDERSEN               MIXED       9,275          1ST IL

W2LHL     HECTOR KESSEL              MIXED       9,119          1ST NJ

WB8YYY   CURT MILTON                  MIXED       9,060          1ST MD

N8FXH           HAL TATE                   PHONE       9,000         1ST HARRISON

AB8S        GAIL HODGES                  CW            7,425         1ST MASON

K4AMC       JIM EMERY                     MIXED         5,098          1ST TN

W8TN        CLARK STEWART           PHONE       4,820           1ST PUTNAM

W1TO         TOM HOMEWOOD          MIXED         4,386           1ST MA

WU8WV     MONTE TREMONT           MIXED        3,692            1ST DODDRIDGE

K4BAI         JOHN LANEY III               MIXED        3,050            2ND GA

KA0GGI      FRANK BREWER             MIXED        3,028            1ST FL

NA2X           BOB ROSSI                    MIXED         2,920            1ST NY

W8GG         GREG LEE                       MIXED         2,763           1ST OH

KO1H           JOHN SEXTON            MIXED QRP     2,704           1ST RI

K3GY          DONALD ELLER              MIXED          2,433           1ST PA

K3ALS         BILL RHOADS                MIXED           2,400            2ND PA

AA9KH         JAY JENKINS                 CW               2,100            2ND IL

K8VFR       ROSEMARIE ROBINSON   CW               1,816            1ST MI

K8MR           JIM STAHL                    MIXED             1,800           2ND OH

W9AEM      JOHN SLATINSHEK, JR.   MIXED           1,779            1ST WI

K1HT         DAVE HOAGLIN              MIXED            1,668             2ND MA

W8AF        ANTHONY SIMONS         PHONE           1,638           1ST LEWIS

K0JPL      PAUL HAEFNER                 MIXED            1,587             1ST MO

WA2BQI     BUD PETERSON             QRP                1,418             2ND NY

WA3AAN    GRANT MAC AVOY        CW               1,341             3RD PA

N6YEU          FRED LEONI                  MIXED            1,318              1ST CA

W3AG        JOE MATT                       MIXED             1,124             4TH PA

WB8JUI       RICK CARRIER                MIXED             1,124            3RD OH

W3GEG      ALFRED HECK                 PH                   975              1ST MONONGALIA

VA3IX       KEN ELLIS                       MIXED               955                1ST CANADA

AB8D        DAVID SEXTON             PHONE               858               1ST MCDOWELL

W8TM       PAUL KIRLEY                 QRP CW            790                4TH OH

K0GSV       RICH ZYSK                     CW                  683                2ND MO

W2WC       WILLIAM CORP             QRP CW             659                 3RD NY

K3TW         TOM WARREN                MIXED              646                 2ND MD

W2UDT      WILLIAM HUDZIK           MIXED                633               1ST TUCKER

VE3RCN     KEVIN CLEMENTS         MIXED                 581                2ND CANADA

WD8LQB      STEVE ANTOINE          MIXED                520                 5TH OH

WA7SLD      JAMES SKJERVEM        MIXED               504                 1ST AZ

WV8ED        ED EVANS                    PHONE              468                2ND MCDOWELL

W8GU           BOB ADAMS                PHONE             466                 3RD KANAWHA

W6RLL          JOE YOUNG                 CW                   360                2ND AZ

WA4OSD        FRANK WRIGHT          MIXED              317                 2ND TN

K4KO             GREG TOMERLIN         QRP CW            300                 3RD TN

NA8K            MIKE SIEGEL                  PHONE             248                 1ST BERKELEY

W8KNO        JOSEPH WEHNER           PHONE             244                 6TH OH

K0LWV         LARRY MERGEN            CW                  226                 3RD MO

KC9DJQ        GARY STEMPLE             PHONE            226                  2ND WI

K9JIG      DENIS CHRISTOPHERSON     MIXED             136                  3RD WI

N8PUG     JAMES ORLOWSKI              PHONE            130                    2ND MI

NO6X         KEN HATCH                      MIXED               124                   2ND CA

KI7GV        MARK GENTRY                 PHONE              116                   1ST AR

AC7SM         LARRY HELWIG              PHONE             104                   1ST NV

VA3TTU       SERGE VALCHUK            PHONE            102                3RD CANADA

N1NN      ROGER HENTERSHEE            CW                   72                    3RD MA

W9ILY/M    JOHN HOLMES                 MOBILE               25                    3RD IL

K9FH           PHIL LEJMAN                   PHONE                  1                   4TH IL



***2006 WVQP – SATURDAY, JUNE 17***

Sponsored by the West Virginia State ARC                  

1600z Saturday, June 17, 2006 through                          0200z Sunday, June 18, 2006


  • Single op (Fixed)

No more than one signal on the air, one person operating and logging.

  • Multi op (Fixed)

No more than one signal on air, any number of operators.

  • Multi/Multi (Fixed)

Unlimited number of signals and operators

  • Mobile


Mobile stations may work and may be worked by other stations upon changing counties. Mobile stations may operate from a county line if the definition* of a county line is met.  A station working a station on a county line may receive credit for both counties as multipliers and mobiles may receive bonus points for each county.  West Virginia stations on a county line may be claimed as both a QSO and a multiplier from each county. (2 QSO’s and 2 multipliers)

*County line definition: County lines are defined as where two counties meet as long as the line is not “wet”. “Wet” is defined as two counties that are separated by water, i.e., creek, river, lake, etc.  You may not operate from a bridge connecting two counties.

Mobiles: Keep separate log for each county.


  • QRP    5 watts or less at all times.

  • Low Power   100 watts or less

  • High Power    101 watts and above




80m through 10m, no WARC bands or VHF.

Suggested frequencies, CW 35 kHz up from low end; phone 35 kHz up in the general sub band and Novice portions of 10M. 


West Virginia stations use WV counties, states, Canadian provinces, and DXCC countries.

All others use only WV counties (max 55). Multipliers count one time regardless of band/mode.


Contacts with WV mobiles:

                CW = 3 points                SSB = 2 points

All other contacts

                CW = 2 points                SSB = 1 point

Work stations once per band and per mode.


WV stations send RST and county.

All others send RST and State/Province/or DXCC country. 


Bonus Points: Work W8WVA once per band per mode and receive 100 points for each contact (to be added to final score).

West Virginia mobiles receive a bonus of 100 points for each West Virginia County activated from which they log a valid contact.


Multiply QSO points by the number of multipliers. Then add the W8WVA and/or mobile bonus points for the final score.


Logs and summary sheet must be e-mailed or postmarked no later than July 20, 2005 to Rich Dillon, K8VE July 20, 2006 to [email protected] or Richard Dillon, PO Box 1177, Buckhannon, WV 26201

Confirmations will be sent to all entrants who send electronic logs.


Plaques to high score in all main categories in state, high score overall, in and out of state and high score QRP. 

Certificates to high score in each category in and out of state, WV county, state, Canadian Province and DXCC country.

Specially designed WV QSO Party T-shirts will once again be available to all participants who submit entries with at least 25 QSOs. To get your WVQP 2005 commemorative T-shirt, send a check for $10 payable to  Hal Turley, along with your shirt order size. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Any questions regarding WVQP should be sent to:


[email protected] or Richard Dillon, PO Box 1177, Buckhannon, WV 26201

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