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About three and a half years ago, Kanawha County was hit with a devastating flood that severely crippled areas of the County and state.  Clendenin, Elkview, and Sissonville were severely hit.

My daughter Elizabeth, who was then 10, had struck up a very touching friendship with a man who was in the Charleston Light Opera Guild Production of Gypsy. Turns out this was Jim Damron N8TMW.  It just so happened that on the night of the net and the flood, we happened to be visiting at his home.

I was intrigued by the commitment and involvement of the hams in the rescue effort and what an essential role they played in providing transportation of medical supplies to the shelters and in assisting with communications.

As a legislator in the West Virginia House of Delegates, I spent time in the area surveying the damage and seeing what needed to be done to return the residents to their homes.  Yes indeed I was impressed!

Before I knew it, August was here and my Elizabeth had decided to take the all day cram course for her ham radio license.  Of course she insisted if she went, I had to be with her, and so I did.

Mac W8XF, Olie WD8V, Cal W8NR, and Jim N8TMW were examiners.  Anyway, Elizabeth didn't make the cut and of course I did.  It will be four years next Summer since I got my ticket.

Recently, I passed my written exam for my general and so now it is time to learn code.

I have enjoyed ham radio so very much and have come to appreciate the many volunteer services that the hams provide.  I am involved with emergency services and communications and have developed a close relationship with the Office of Emergency Services located at the Capitol.  I assisted with the net and was there on New Year's during the Y2K watch.

As an officer in the Kanawha Amateur Radio Club I have become involved in setting programs for the clubs monthly meetings.  I also am vice president of the Charleston Hamfest Committee and find that so very rewarding.  I am Skywarn trained and am a member of Kanawha Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

It's interesting to me to watch so many of the hams at the various hamfests.  It is the only time for some to see face-to-face those individuals that have been their friends across the airwaves throughout the year.  The camaraderie is really special.

I became a member of ARRL almost immediately.  It is so critical that the hams support the league. We must make sure in difficult times when all are fighting for frequencies, that we are well protected.

I look forward to this upcoming year.  I am working with hams throughout the state on legislation for a statewide ARES identification card as well as looking at legislation to prevent unfair restrictions on our antennas.

I know this is lengthy but it is difficult to explain how special I feel it is to be a ham.  By the way, I am the only ham in the state legislature and my delegate tag is KC8KVF.  I just have to smile when other delegates say, "Sharon, what does that mean?"  If you only knew.:)


Sharon Spencer KC8KVF 
  e-mail:  [email protected]

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