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              10M  AK9DX
WD9IDV 10M01-Feb-2023 18:13:37 UTC de WF3F

                          Flag Callsign

                 15M AK9DX
WD9IDV 15M01-Feb-2023 18:13:37 UTC de WF3F

                          Flag Callsign01-Feb-2023 18:09:57 UTC de ON5LG

WD9IDV 20M01-Feb-2023 18:13:37 UTC de WF3F

                          Flag Callsign01-Feb-2023 16:29:29 UTC de PA0041SWL

WD9IDV 40M01-Feb-2023 18:13:37 UTC de WF3F

                          Flag Callsign01-Feb-2023 16:32:20 UTC de PA0041SWL

WD9IDV Digital01-Feb-2023 18:13:37 UTC de WF3F

                          Flag Callsign01-Feb-2023 18:09:50 UTC de PA3ADE

                                                                                                    40 Meters 

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                               AK9DX's SSTV Latest Pictures on 40 Meters

Hist1 40M Hist2 40M Hist3 40M Hist4 40M Hist5 40M
Hist6 40M Hist7 40M Hist8 40M Hist9 40M Hist10 40M
Hist11 40M Hist12 40M Hist13 40M Hist14 40M Hist15 40M
Hist16 40M Hist17 40M Hist18 40M Hist19  40M Hist20  40M Hist21 40M Hist22 40M Hist23 40M Hist24 40M Hist25 40M

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