Here are web pages with photos from some of my deer hunting trips here in West Virginia.

These pages have photos of deer taken during our hunting trips along with family members.

Along with hunting, I also enjoy reloading, fishing, camping and of course Amateur Radio.

I hope you enjoy the site.  I apologized for slow loading pictures, some are digital pictures taken with a digital camera while some are scanned 35 mm pictures.


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Check these sites out, each one has a message board that you can join.

My son Jerod wrote this poem for me for Fathers Day a few years ago and I thought it would be nice to share.  It isn't really about hunting, but it reminds me of the times he and I have shared while hunting and fishing:

"Dad's Shoes"

By Jerod

Dad's shoes made a deep impression
In the West Virginia snow
I put my feet where he was steppin'
He left a real good trial to follow
And he led me home that winter day
That was a couple years ago but I can say
That in this heart of mine
I'm still steppin' in the tracks
of my dad's shoes
It's a trail I love to follow
Cause it leads me through
And when life turns cold and bitter
I'll just do what I saw him do
I'll make it safely home due to
Steppin' in the tracks of my dads shoes.

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