A Homebrew SSB Transceiver for 60 Meters



Paul Alexander



Sometime back, I built a phasing-type SSB transceiver which covered the 160 – 30 meter ham bands.  While it worked pretty well, it left a few things to be desired.  The receiver dynamic range was not a wide as desired and the circuit boards were a bit larger than I would have liked.


Armed with a bit more knowledge and experience, I will attempt to set some things right that alluded me on the first go-around. 


The project presented here is a homebrew SSB transceiver, which operates on a single, crystal-controlled channel of the 60 meter band.  The project will be presented one board at a time until a working transceiver is attained.  Where possible, some insight into the design process will be given, to assist others who may decide to embark on their own radio projects.  Design aids, such as links to free, web-based design resources, circuit simulations, and detailed Bills of Materials (BOM) will be given. 


The end-goal of this project is not to stop with just a single channel transceiver.  It is hoped that the modules presented here will lay the groundwork for an all-band transceiver.  The same modules could also form the basis for a tunable IF VHF or UHF transceiver.


The information presented is the result of original design work by myself, including circuit design and PCB layout, except where noted.  In cases where I have openly plagiarized the works of others, (as in the case of the RF power amplifier) due credit will be given.


Please be patient with the progress (and quality) of the website.  I prefer to spend more time developing circuits than writing websites!


Enough of the introductions.  Let’s get into the circuits!  Click on the links below to see the modules that have been completed, so far.  Please be sure to check back to see new additions.








RF Power Amplifier

(not yet completed)


System Integration

(not yet completed)



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