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TFT display of new IC-756PROII showing how it allows printing
of both sides of the DX split! A simple balance control allows audio
from both VFO A&B to be available at all audio outputs of the rig.
This is very handy in finding the DX's QSX!


About hits this millenium.

Using MMTTY with DX4WIN by Larry Gauthier, K8UT

Hardware connections - (.html) (.pdf) (.doc)

Macros for MMTTY/DX4WIN operation (.html)

How to setup MMTTYx2 for SO2R operation with WriteLog

Dx Telnet Setup

WriteLog Soundcard survey results

Photos and claimed score from our M2 CQ/NRJ WW RTTY DX contest 2002

Photos and claimed score from our M2 CQ/NRJ WW RTTY DX contest 2001

AGC Capture examples from the Digipan waterfall

Icom hex addresses page

My article in the National Contest Journal (Sep/Oct 2001) about my first DX trip to North Caicos can be seen here.

Dayton 2002 Photos

Dayton 2001 Photos

Information on my StarBand 2-way satellite Internet connection

VP5RY photos

VP5RY and VP5/WA9ALS logs online for callsign lookup
VP5RY and VP5/WA9ALS QSL information: QSL with SASE to home callsign ( or VIA BURO

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(link temporarily down) Tower Project

From this...

To this!

Configuring the PK-232MBX with the Yaesu FT-990 or FT-1000MP

Search the WA9ALS logbook!

Contesting (way outdated now!)

Callsign databases

Favorite QSLs

Shack and some antennas

Interested in amateur radio?

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