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Do you have a true UFO/Paranormal related story or experience that you would like to share with visitors here at the Supernatural Zone? If so please send the story via e-mail to [email protected]. Your story will be posted on this page after it has been reviewed. Full credit will be given to each individual submitting a story. Please give your name, e-mail address, web-site (if you have one) and location. If you wish to remain totally anonymous, please advise so in your e-mail submission. Many thanks for your assistance! Ron (The Supernatural Zone).

Submitted by: B

Location: Auburn, New York

E-mail: [email protected]

This story was told to me by my future mother in law. It took place close to twenty-five (25) years ago. She used to take care of her friend's little girl, Lynn.

Every time Lynn would stay there she liked to play with one specific wooden spoon. She would take it from the kitchen drawer, and when she was finished playing, hide it in a different spot. The same spot she put it in everytime, in a different drawer on the other side of the kitchen.

Lynn also used to love playing with the pedals of my future father in-law's bicycle. Lynn died suddenly one night in her sleep. For a while after her death, my mother-in-law would wake to find the wooden spoon in the drawer where Lynn like to put it. Not knowing how the spoon had gotten there, my mother-in-law would put the spoon back where it belonged, only to wake the next morning to find the spoon moved again.

Then one night my mother-in-law heard something downstairs and went to see what it was. The noise was coming from the room in which her husband kept his bicycle. My mother-in-law entered the room and what she saw was beyond andlogical explanation. The pedals of the bicycle were whirling around in fast circles on their own. My mother-in-law called to her husband, who came to stand by her side as they stared, astonished.

Submitted by: Rudy Martin

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

E-mail: [email protected]

I just had to send you this story. I couldn't believe it happened let alone keep it to myself.

The vanishing cat

I had been invited for a Thanksgiving lunch at the retirement home where I used to work. It was a buffet and there was a variety of food to select from. I chose a roasted whole chicken leg together with other food stuff and turkey, of course. Having finished, I went into the kitchen to dispose of my trash. The place for this was a covered plastic can in a small storage closet in a corner. Inside the closet facing the door was a little immaculate folding leaf table in deep reddish brown shiny finish. I was walking towards this closet when I was met by a large cat with black and white fur. It got in my way, almost getting stepped on, rubbing and wrapping its black tail on my legs, looking up at the plate of trash and meowing as it walked with me just like a pet cat would do. It looked like it was very hungry. I understood what it wanted so I picked the chicken leg bone out of the plate and not having the proper cat dish on which to put it I laid it on the table. In a flash the cat jumped on the table and began attacking the chicken bone. To get a good grip on the bone, it laid low with its right ear on the surface of the table as it grabbed on the hip joint. It chewed on it for a little bit and then began shoving the whole piece into its mouth. It made a mess on the immaculate table and I was already thinking how to clean it up when the cat stood up, leg bone in its mouth. Then it jumped down from the table. Now this was when the unbelievable occurred.

On jumping down, the cat vanished in mid air and never landed on the floor. I saw the chicken leg bone, hazy as if it were behind a sheet of thin waxed paper for may be a couple of seconds in the same air space where the cat had disappeared then it too vanished into thin air! Not expecting anything ghostly or paranormal at a time and place like this, I was just so puzzled I even tried to look for the possible places where the cat could have run into. From where I was standing I would have seen the cat run away in any direction. But it didn't run away. It just vanished in its air space a little above the floor and the chicken leg bone with it!

All hair raised, I did not forget to clean up the mess left by the vanishing cat. On my way out the kitchen I asked one of the helps who was busy filling up some glasses with juices if she had seen a cat. She said she hasn't seen one now but yes, black and white tom sitting right by the closet door early that morning. I thought, my gosh, that was even before I had come to lunch! I asked if the cat was a pet here. She said she has never seen the cat before and thought it belonged to one of the residents. I couldn't say anything more. I already knew I had a secret to keep.

I went back to the gathering and never said a word about what I had just witnessed. I did not want to cause a scare neither be looked at as one of those possessed with a dented brain.

If anyone has any credible explanation to or knows what this occurrence is, please email me right away.

Submitted by: Rudy Martin

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

E-mail: [email protected]

Transported supernaturally?

There is not enough words for me to prove the truth of this story. I can only wish you had been there with me. This occurrence will give an idea of the prodigious way to travel from point A to point B. I drove out to work one day. It was one of those usual clear, sunny mornings and everything was normal except traffic. Within minutes, I ran into a hardly moving, bumper to bumper jam. Losing patience and in attempt to outsmart this queue, I turned left, thinking I could loop back ahead somewhere. A few turns and I knew I was beginning to get lost. The river to my left was the only landmark I had and I was sure it was the North side, so I knew I was headed East. A few more turns and not a thing was familiar anymore. I was completely lost. I drove past a fenced power transformer station and that was the last landmark that had registered in my memory. Tense, looking from side to side, looking just like a lost driver, I continued driving on this straight stretch of road through this entirely unfamiliar place, not knowing which direction I was headed. Houses of modern design, some new, hinted that I had entered a subdivision. Then, all of a sudden, there was a traffic light at the intersection up ahead about one block. It was here where the inexplicable occurred.

A brief description is in order at this point to help visualize the map of the area. An old highway runs North-South between two residential areas. It has two lanes on each side, divided at the middle throughout its length by a concrete-curbed grassy island. Both the West and East sides of this highway are fenced with heavy concrete walls in some parts and rock boulders in others all the way South beginning from the embankments by the river at the North. As far as I can recall there is no link between the two residential areas East and West of the highway except at the intersection I just mentioned above. Needless to say, to go from the residential area on one side of the highway to the residential area on the other side one must cross the highway and the only crossing is at that intersection.

As I approached the intersection, I realized I was about to cross the highway. I had occasionally passed by this intersection while driving down the highway, so this was a familiar site. On the other side of the traffic light was the well known hotel. From this I got a positive bearing: I was on the East side of the highway headed West towards the intersection. But something very bizarre happened. As I slowed down towards the traffic light, I noticed that the North side of the hotel with its great big name was facing East. It should have been facing North! Then, as I stepped on the brake and just as the car stopped, the hotel switched to its normal position (turned 90 degrees) in the wink of an eye! that is, its East side facing east, its North side facing North - right in front of my very eyes, just like one would see on television! It was while waiting for the go signal at this intersection when things became clear to me: I got lost on the WEST side of the highway, near the river, past a power transformer station, I never crossed the highway ..... what was I doing waiting for the green light here at the intersection EAST of the highway? How did I get here? All hairs began rising at this point, not from fear but probably from the realization of this impossibility!

Whatever it was that occurred, I found my bewildered self on this spot at the exit gate of a private property just before the intersection under the traffic light EAST of the highway. To arrive at this spot from somewhere in the subdivision WEST of the highway where I got lost I had to drive East, ram through those concrete walls, or fly off rock boulders then cross the highway, fight traffic, hover over the concrete-curbed island, fight traffic again if still in one piece; OR cross this intersection in peace and ease; then turn around and face the traffic light. I did none of the above and yet as sure as the sun brings light I landed here from the WEST. Later on I found out that the fenced power transformer station - the last land mark stored in my memory - West of the highway where I got lost was approximately 7 miles Northwest from this exact spot.

May be some human being can explain at least in theory how an occurrence such as this happens. I've heard some of those theories. However, how far those theories are from what this really and actually is ..... in other words the truth behind the occurrence ..... is beyond human knowledge. A fact that we just have to accept. Nonetheless, may be something can be learned. I have only some physics and chemistry to lay down as guesstimates for this occurrence. Nevertheless, I can calculate how much time this occurrence saved me from that traffic queue to reach my office - at least 70 minutes!

This occurrence is still hair-raising for me 32 years later (now is year 2002). I can still see the details as though it happened only yesterday. I have no questions to ask. I only wish I would know the purpose for the occurrence


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