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Do you have a true UFO/Paranormal related story or experience that you would like to share with visitors here at the Supernatural Zone? If so please send the story via e-mail to [email protected]. Your story will be posted on this page after it has been reviewed. Full credit will be given to each individual submitting a story. Please give your name, e-mail address, web-site (if you have one) and location. If you wish to remain totally anonymous, please advise so in your e-mail submission. Many thanks for your assistance! Ron (The Supernatural Zone).

Submitted by: Ron H.

Location: Duncanville, Texas

E-mail: [email protected]

On Oct. 23, 1994, at 8:30 PM I witnessed the most incredible event. I was sitting in the backyard of my house in Duncanville, TX. [20 miles from Dallas ]. It was a perfectly clear and chilly night. We had an unusually long hot summer this year and this was the first real chilly night we had since March. I was enjoying it in the lawn chair with my light coat on and thinking about how I was going to decorate the house for Halloween. I was looking up at all the beautiful stars and I noticed a bright object in space traveling from North to South. At first I said to myself, Space Shuttle or satellite then it just stopped suddenly. This got my attention. It then began to pulsate, bright to dim for a few seconds and then the light just went out. I kept looking at this spot waiting to see if it would reappear. It did, then traveled on it's original course. I ran inside the house to get someone to come back out with me to see it. I grabbed my wife describing to her on the way back outside what to look for. When we get out there, nothing is in sight, and she gives me one of those looks, you know, the you hauled me out here for what LOOKS. I said to her please stay out here a few more minutes and check it out with me. She said well, OK, but I need a coat. She returned about 2 minutes later and said what am I looking for with a sigh and sarcastic voice. I replied anything that moves or looks unusual. I said you watch the northern sky and I'll watch the southern sky. She says, OK, but only for a few minutes. I said agreed! No more than 5 seconds later as we are watching our quadrants of sky she yells, LOOK, Ron, LOOK! Well, I had my back to her and thought she is pulling my leg, but in an instant I detected an urgency in her voice, like hey, she's not kidding. She is pointing to the Northwest and saying do you see them, LOOK!!! I caught sight of them! 3 saucers flying only about 1,000 ft. off the ground in a single file formation traveling from the West to the East at around 8 to 900 mph. They make absolutely no noise. Each saucer is the size of a commercial jet. Not round, but oval shaped. They were amber/orange in color, as they approached, they almost seemed translucent, but not. Keep in mind readers, it's completely dark outside, so what we are seeing is the amber street lights from a major thoroughfare close to my house reflecting off the saucers. When they got real close, they went from a single file formation to a classical fighter jet triangular formation in the blink off an eye, literally! We both said, WOW, at the same time, while out of instinct crouching lower to the ground as they passed overhead. They were only inches apart. We could see the underbelly which looked like the motor part of a Hunter Ceiling Fan in your home or apartment. At this point they made an elbow turn. Not a sudden 90 degree turn but a fast turn to the North. It was as if one mind controlled all three with absolute precision. As they moved north we raised back up from the crouching position. We no longer can see the underside of the craft and now they appear as bright stars still in formation. Then, suddenly the back left saucer makes the most incredible move. It leaves formation, makes a Simi circular path to about 3000 ft. directly above the other 2 and holds there for 1 second then retraces it's first motion and joins back into formation. It did this while they were all traveling forward at about 900 miles per hour in about 4 to 5 seconds. We then lost sight of them to the North. Well, we stand there looking at each other, mouth, open, adrenaline pumping, and said in stereo, do you know what we just saw!!!!!!! I replied YES, spaceships from outside our world. Is there any doubt Laura? She said no doubt, they were not from this world. Then she shrieks, what's that and points again. We crouch a second time. It is a fighter jet cruising so slow I thought it would fall out of the sky. It is making a turn to the South and it is an F-18 Hornet with the split double tail with full military running lights on. A v shaped double tail. We are watching it and thinking hey, your going the wrong way, [to the South]. Then, we are startled and almost knocked to the ground by a second F-18 that passes directly overhead and simultaneous jet noise. It joins the first one from the West. Then a third F-18 appears from the Southwest and joins formation. Then they make a hard turn to the North and kick in their afterburners which literally shook the ground like a mini earthquake. They never do this over population. At this point we see a few people come outside and look up. We are thinking Wow, they don't have a clue of what they just missed! We went back inside the house and discussed it and decided to watch the news at 10pm to see if they had anything on this. Just before the news ended on channel 4, the anchor Clarice Tinsley said that there had been a flood of calls to the newsroom about a mysterious large explosion in Southern Dallas County and that news crews were in route to the area and that if warranted they would be back on later and break in on regular programing if it is newsworthy. We saw nothing after that. Nothing in the paper the next day. I know there had to be others who witnessed this event but are probably reluctant to talk about it. I have my theory of what happened. The Naval Air Station in Grand Prairie, scrambled the fighters to intercept but the saucers broke off. Each took a separate direction. Each F-18 took a saucer. The saucers gave them the slip and what we saw was the saucers regrouping. The F-18's obviously at some point went supersonic trying to keep up which created a sonic boom which is the mysterious explosion people reported.

Thanks, for listening!

Ron H.

Submitted by: S. Benson

Location: Southern Maine

E-mail: [email protected]

Sighting #1: It was the year 1999. I was homeschooled, so I could stay up late ( I am a night owl). One night, I turned off the t.v. at around 1:30 A.M. I went into my room, and started to make my bed. I felt a breeze, and turned around to shut the windows. There, in front of me, in the left window, was a face. The face was beastly, yet had a manly air about it. Hair, like a mane, surrounded it's pale brown face, and faded as it reached the face features. It had glowing yellow eyes that stared directly at me. It had a curved nose, like a dog's, and an open mouth. Black lips pulled back, revealing long, sharp. yellow-stained teeth. I could hear it's breath through the screen. I had frozen in fear, and didn't faint only with the wonder of what might happen to me if I did. I finally ran from the room, and spent a sleepless night in the guest bed.

Sighting #2: Since the first sighting, I kept all of my shades closed, and reclined from going in my room, but my mother would often open them to let light in. One night, I entered my room to see that the shades were open. I checked each one, and when I came to the third window, the window that I had previously seen the beast in, I saw it once more! It was just staring at me! This time, I gathered my courage, and decided to stay, and see what it would do. After a while, it just left!

Sighting #3: The last sighting... hopefully. I had started to trust the room again, believing that there was no chance that I could see it again. I was laying on my bed one night, reading. I started to open the shades to let the cool air in. I came to the third window, and hesitated upon opening it. When I finally did, though, the face was there once again! I stepped back, and waited for it to do something. Once again, it just left! This all happened in a period of four months. I haven't seen it since.

Submitted by: Bert Higginbotham

Location: Arlington, Texas

E-mail: [email protected]

My story is simple but weird. I was outside swimming in my back yard. It was about one or two in the morning. I was looking at the moon and then there was a light that appeared to "come from the moon". It seemed as though it was hiding in the moon's light. After it "came from the moon", it began to perform amazingly complex maneuvers , i.e. zigg-zagging and performing circles in the air at a high rate of speed. After it had stopped "goofing off", it returned to were it came from (in front of the moon). However, before it returned to it's hiding place, it's entire ship had dimmed all it's lights, just barley visible. I lost sight of it after it went in front of the moon. I saw all of this and my house in Arlington, Texas.

Submitted by: Arthur Martin

Location: Interstate 10 West from Alabama into Mississippi

E-mail: [email protected]

I am a 47-year-old crosscountry truckdriver who spends many a night driving. I have a high school education and average intelligence. One night several years ago I was headed West from Alabama into Mississippi on I-10. The time was about 90 minutes after sundown. I noticed that a light was blinking in the sky. It was about 10 to 15 de grees above the horizon and almost straight in front of me. I could not judge the dis- tance but I guess the light was miles away. My point is that this light blinked at very irregular non-repeating rythum. Sometimes the light blinked as slow as one flash per second. Other times it was as fast as 20 times per second. The rythum was eerie. The beats changed constantly. I have a background in telephone repair so I do know how fast 20 flashes per second is. I watched for about half an hour and then,as easily as it had appeared, it was gone. I didn't see it move away, it simply seemed to stop blinking. I have never seen anything like it before or since.

Sincerely, Arthur Martin


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