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Do you have a true UFO/Paranormal related story or experience that you would like to share with visitors here at the Supernatural Zone? If so please send the story via e-mail to [email protected]. Your story will be posted on this page after it has been reviewed. Full credit will be given to each individual submitting a story. Please give your name, e-mail address, web-site (if you have one) and location. If you wish to remain totally anonymous, please advise so in your e-mail submission. Many thanks for your assistance! Ron (The Supernatural Zone).

Submitted by: Jose

Location: Sweden

E-mail: [email protected]

Hello !

I want to tell you about a couple of UFO encounters in Stockholm a couple of years ago. The first time I saw a UFO was over a small town just outside of the capital of Stockholm named Kista (Europe's answer to Silicon Valley).

I was 15 years old in June of 1978 and (don't know the exact day) returning from a visit at the new school I suppose to enter after my summer vacation. It was early afternoon and the clock was between 2-4. The sunlight flashing against the rotating crafts metal shaped body made me turn my head to the right and overlooking the skies over Kista. It was a sunny summer day with very few clouds.

The object was flat looking, more like a coin watching it from the side. The UFO was rotating in a straight line over the sky just like a propeller or a coin flipped by a thumb. I manage to follow it with my eyes for about five seconds before it vanished in the mid air.

Next observation I had was when going I a car just a few years ago with my friends. Just for a brief moment between some trees and woods while riding in a car I manage to got a glimpse of the TV tower in Stockholm (Kaknästornet). I cant believe this is happening to me I remember thinking to myself. A big ball shaped object is hanging over the tower.

There I was, in the car with my friends, and I'm the only one looking at that direction. Í was shouting to the driver to stop the car but it was impossible to do it because we were driving on the highway with other cars and vehicles around. The shape of the object was round and had no sharp edges, it was kind of blurred. The color was orange glowing and it was pretty big to.

It was raining that night so the sky was one big cloud. the objects orange light illuminated the clouds above it. This was all I saw before some tree and woods covered the sight for me. The exact dates of the event I can not give, but I remember that it was at the beginning of the 1990's. We were four persons in the car, but only one witness, It was late in the evening, between 4-7 PM and the rain was pouring down. It was autumn and cold outside.

Below is a drawing I made of one of my observations.

Submitted by: jodahey

Location: Forth Worth, Texas

E-mail: [email protected]


Hope someone can relate a similar experience. This holiday season I was spending the night at a friend's house and I had just laid down to go to sleep (there was a night-light on, so the room was fairly well lit). I closed my eyes when I heard a noise kinda' like when your ears pop. I opened my eyes and there was an object floating between a small table and a window, about 6 feet in front of me. It was about the size of a golf ball, dark in color, and it looked just like a picture of an atom with the electrons spinning around the outside (they were moving) . I blinked, but it was still there. Then it blinked twice and disappeared. Anybody have a similar experience or know what it might have been?


Submitted by: Bill

Location: Bensalem, Pennsylvania

E-mail: Withheld

Back in the 1970's my wife and I lived in what I can only describe as the strangest house on earth! One winter evening, we had a mixed bag of snow and ice. Max, our Doberman, was kept in the laundry room at night with a baby-gate across the door. As the snow turned to ice we noticed a loud, terrifying sound coming from the laundry room as if something were clawing it's way up the drain pipe. We attributed it to the water going down the ice clogged drain. MAX however was not so sure, and went ballistic trying to break his way out of the room. The next day was clear and I decided to go out and inspect the damage from the ice (if any) to our house and property. There in the middle of the yard ,filled with only virgin snow, were these small tracks (small hoof prints ). Starting in the middle of the yard they went straight to the drain pipe and stopped!!!!!!! Also earlier that summer I was walking MAX across the street from our house in some tall grass, when out jumped this little creature that Max had flushed out of the grass. It looked like a miniature kangaroo! No sooner had it jumped a few feet (with MAX right on it's tail) then it disappeared right before our eyes. Max turned his head in every direction trying to figure out where it went. One year there was a terrific explosion in the woods directly behind our house, blowing out several windows in an apartment house across the street on the other side of the woods. The police never discovered the origin! These stories are all true to the best of my recollection.


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