Orange Amateur Radio Club, Inc.


                              P.O. Box 232

              Orange, Texas 77631-0232 USA

      Orange Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization

Orange Amateur Radio Club Inc. is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated club


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                                Last Update February 21, 2024


                        Orange, Texas Repeaters 

147.180 (+) PL 103.5 Hz - W5ND

                                                            147.060 (+) PL 210.7 Hz – AA5P                  


                                   The Orange Amateur Radio Club

                                Meets the first Friday of every month at the:

                                               American Red Cross 

                                                       3901 IH-10 East
                                                               Orange, TX 77630

                                       Meeting starts at 7:00PM


                         Your Support of the 147.180 Orange Repeater is Appreciated


                                    When Visiting Orange          

      Click Here for Restaurants, Accommodations, Maps and More in Orange, Texas            




Club History - Future

 OARC celebrated our 75th Anniversary of ARRL Affiliation on Janaury 2023

Club Officers and Directors

Club Meetings

Club Roster (not available at this time) 

Amateur Radio Emergency Service - A.R.E.S. click here for link to Orange ARES



Local VHF Nets


Orange HAMFEST 2024 info here!   Click for Hamfest Flyer! 


SETX Ham Frequencies Listing


SWLARC Communication Trailers Information



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NEWS and Upcoming Events:    



  The Orange Amateur Radio Club meets at 7:00 p.m., on the first Friday of every month,

            at the American Red Cross office @ 3901 IH-10 East Frontage Rd. Orange, TX 77630




FNEWS!  Winter Field Day - January 27-28, 2024,

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                 WFD is at the Mauriceville Community Center

                                         7441 Cohenour Rd, Orange, TX 77632 


         The WFD event starts Sat. 27th @ 1:00PM CST and runs to Sun. 28th @ 1:00PM CST 

         learn more about Winter Field Day at


                   Request QSL by mail to (no SASE required)-  

Orange Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 232

Orange, Texas 77631-0232 USA



FNEWS!   Field Day 2024

     The Orange Amateur Radio Club with have our annual Field Day June 22th-23th, 2024

      at a location to be determined.


               Area Hams are encouraged to come and operate during the 24-hour Field Day operation.


              We will be operating voice, CW and digital on all Bands.


              The public is most cordially invited to come, meet and talk with the hams.                                               

              See what modern Amateur Radio can do.  They can even help you get on the air!.


FNEWS!   Orange Hamfest 2024 information link! Click for Hamfest Flyer!


                   The next Orange Hamfest is scheduled for 2024, see you there!!

                    When: Saturday February 24,2024. Doors open at 7:30AM.

                 Where: Orange County Convention & Expo Center @ 11475 FM 1442   

                      Orange, Texas 77632

           (Lat-Lon Coordinates:30 07.28 N & 093 52.92W or 30.1244,-93.8922)


                         Time:  7:30AM to 2:00PM




Area Ham Clubs and Public Service Events Supported for 2024


January 13                       122nd Anniversary-Lucas Gusher Gladys City

January 19-21                  Winter Support Your Parks On The Air

January 27                       Mission Possible 5K

January 27-28                  Winter Field Day


February 09-10                Crisis Expo and Sustainable Living Event – Little Cypress Baptist Church

February 23-24                Orange HamFest - Orange County Convention and Expo Center


April 20-21                       Texas State Parks on the Air

April 20-21                       Spring Support Your Parks On The Air

April TBD                         JCARC Tailgate Sale, VE Testing & Fox Hunt


May 05-06                        Tour du Rouge

May 11                               US Islands on the Air – One Day Getaway

May 18                             Don Allen Sports Day, Wildwood


June TBD                         Cops and Kids Picnic, Claiborne Park West 10A-2P

June 22-23                       ARRL Field Day


July 20-21                        Summer Support Your Parks On The Air

July 22                             JCARC Tailgate Sale, VE Testing & Fox Hunt

July 31                             BARC VE Testing 6PM


October 07                       JCARC Tailgate Sale, VE Testing & Fox Hunt

October 18-20                 BSA Jamboree on the Air

October 18-20                  Fall Support Your Parks On The Air

October TBD                    Tour de Groves


November 02                   Lighthouse Run – Cameron Beach

November 20                   BARC VE Testing 6PM


December 01-02               SkyWarn Recognition Day   6:00pm-6:00pm (12-1 00:00-24:00UTC)

December 10                   HAM Christmas Party





Club Officers for 2023-2024

President: Rocky Wilson, N5MTX, email: n5mtx at arrl dot net

Vice President: Phil Pollock, AF5DT

Secretary: Wayne Sonnier, KF5SRG

Treasurer: Mike Holloway, KC0JWG


Club Directors for 2023-2024

Brent Newberry, KI5DNS Position 1

Kenney Wilson, KD5GKV Position 2


Club Directors for 2023-2025

Gary Craig KI5CCD         Position 3

Mike Manshack, AD5OG Position 4


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Club Meeting (Click for map to meeting place)


The Orange Amateur Radio Club meets the first Friday of the

Month at the       American Red Cross

                            3901 IH-10 East Frontage Rd.

                            Orange, TX 77630

The club meeting starts at 7:00PM.  All are invited.


ARES® Meeting Interested in Emergency Communications? JOIN A.R.E.S. ®

Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) – for information check:


The Orange County Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) group meets the first Friday of the

Month at the   American Red Cross 

                         3901 IH-10 East Frontage Rd.

                         Orange, TX 77630

The ARES meeting starts at 6:00PM.  All are invited.



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Club Repeater


147.180 (+) PL 103.5  W5ND


Other Local Repeaters and Frequencies Used


       52.525 mHz. 6 Meter Simplex

     145.010 mHz. BPT (W5SSV)  Packet node

     145.010 mHz  N5MTX-11  RMS Packet  - Orange, Texas

     145.010 mHz  W5SSV-10  RMS Packet /VARA FM - Nederland, Texas

*    145.210 mHz  SWLARC (pl. 103.5) (W5BII)

*    145.230 mHz  Kountze (pl.103.5) ( N5BTC)

     145.250 mHz  Anahuac (pl 192.8) (KK5XQ)  

     145.350 mHz  Sulphur ARC (pl. 103.5) (KC5PNH)

     145.410 mHz   New Iberia, La. (pl 103.5)

*    145.470 MHz  JCARC (pl. 103.5) (W5SSV)

     146.450 mHz. Mid County Simplex

     145.390 mHz  Buna (pl 118.80) (W5JAS)  

     146.520 mHz. National Simplex Freq.

     146.620 MHz  JCARC  - (W5SSV)  - DSTAR

*    146.700 mHz. Beaumont ARC (pl 107.2)  (W5RIN)

 #  146.730 mHz  SWLARC – Sulphur, LA. (pl. 173.8) (W5BII)

*    146.760 mHz. Beaumont ARC (pl 107.2) (W5RIN) - FM and C4FM

*    146.860 mHz. Port Arthur  (103.5 pl) (WB5VFF)

     146.940 mHz  Vidor  W5APX repeater…100Hz tone

     146.980 mHz  Devers - N5FJX – pl. 103.5

     147.000 mHz Jasper (- offset) (pl 118.8) (W5JAS)          

     147.060 mHz  Vidor (AA5P) (pl. 210.7)

     147.120 mHz  Mayflower (pl 203.5) (W5JAS)

     147.160 mHz  Beaumont - (pl 100.00) (N5YX) - FM and C4FM

     147.180 mHz  Orange ARC (pl. 103.5) (W5ND) - FM and C4FM

+# 147.200 mHz  Port Arthur, TX  (pl 118.8) (KC5YSM) 

*#  147.300 mHz. Mobil Oil Repeater (pl. 103.5)

     147.340 mHz  Beaumont ARC (W5RIN) no phone patch

     147.420 mHz  Orange Co. ARES primary simplex frequency

     147.440 mHz  Mauriceville, TX Simplex frequency

     147.460 mHz   Orange Co. ARES secondary simplex frequency

     147.560 mHz.  Shuttle rebroadcast when in space

      224.920 MHz. Devers (KA5QDG) (pl.123.0)

      440.725 mHz  Nederland -(W5SSV) - DSTAR  

      443.675 mHz. Armadillo Repeater – Closed (private) repeater system.

      444.425 mHz  Lufkin, TX (pl 203.5 Hz)

      444.700 mHz  Beaumont  (pl 107.2) (W5RIN) – 

      444.800 mHz  Port Arthur  (pl 118.8) (KC5YSM) – FM and C4FM

      444.825 mHz  Devers (pl 151.4) (N6LXX)     

      444.900 mHz. Mobil Oil (pl 103.5)(WB5HRF)

      446.000 mHz  National Simplex Frequency


* Denotes Transmit PL

# Denotes Echolink



GMRS Repeater – WRJV445 462.600 / 467.600  PL114.8 in Beaumont, TX


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American QRP Club


G-QRP Club    UK QRP Club


Flying Pigs QRP Club Int'l


QRZ.COM - Call sign look up   -  Call Sign look up  


Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club 


Beaumont Amateur Radio Club


American Radio Relay League (ARRL)


ARRL South Texas District


Department of Homeland Security    CERT  Orange County Emergency Management and Homeland Security           



Main Trading Company (Paris,TX)





Amateur Radio Software for Logging      Ham Radio - Caps, hats, T-shirts, jackets, and vest. Also, ARES/RACES vest and hats.


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LINKS of Interest for Orange, Texas     City of Orange, Texas web site        Orange County, Texas     Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau  - historical photos of Orange, Texas


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Local VHF/UHF Nets

Orange ARC 2 meter net meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at 6:30PM on 147.180 (+) PL 103.5 W5ND. All Hams are invited.


Orange Co. ARES group 2 meter training net meets every Monday evening at 6:30PM on 147.180 mHz (+) PL 103.5 W5ND.

All Hams are invited.


Jefferson County ARC 2 meter net meets every Wednesday night at 8:00PM on 145.470 mHz. (pl.103.5) the W5SSV repeater.

All Hams are invited.


Jefferson Co. ARES group has a 2 meter training net every Wednesday night following the JCARC net on 145.470 mHz (pl.103.5) the W5SSV repeater.

All Hams are invited.


Beaumont ARC 2 meter net meets every Thursday night at 7:30PM on 146.700 mHz Beaumont ARC (pl 107.2)  (W5RIN).

All Hams are invited.



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Webmaster: Rocky Wilson, N5MTX 


email: n5mtx at arrl dot net  for comments and corrections.



Last Update February 21, 2024



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