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Last Updated: 17 March 2014
Devenport Family Page

  • Jim's Bicycle Mobile Tracker
    NOTE: This link asks you for a callsign. You can enter anything you like to access it...
  • Look In on Jim's Car via APRS
  • Watch Jacque's SUV via APRS
  • Track Our RV via APRS
  • Other Bicycle-Mobiles running APRS:

  • Friends and Neighbors running APRS:
    N0WJE Anthony W9XXX Jim
    K8TE Bill
    NM5SW Scotty
    How My APRS systems are set up
    Here's some details on my Bicycle-APRS-Mobile
    Here's a pictorial of my homebrew J Pole I use on the bike and elsewhere
    Here's what EARLY mobile radio looked like!
  • Commodore Fanatic Corner

  • Electronics HOMEBREW

    projects over the years

  • My first Regenerative Receiver

  • My first Transmitter

  • 224.940 / 444.150 (100HZ Tone) Repeater/Remote Base
    This system is also now an Echolink node # 3061
    This system has 2 full duplex inputs: Access it either on 224.94 minus split, no tone; or 444.150, plus split, 100 Hz tone
    The VHF and HF remotes are now ONE RADIO: A single DTMF- controlled Icom 706MKIIG
    Email w5aox at arrl dot net if you'd like a command listing for this system.
    This remote base is an open system, but due to isolated unidentified abuse, we no longer publish the system commands.
  • Repeater Shack under construction
    DTMF Decoder circuit
    PC Parallel Printer Port Pinout
    Power Saving 555 Sampler/Timer


    New Mexico NetList Thanks to N5ZGT

  • QRZ call database system

  • Ham Radio NEWSLINE
  • Ham Radio Satellite information....

  • Ham Radio Web Collection

  • Access the FCC direct from here....!

  • Commodore Corner
    - Run your Vic 20 or C64 from 12 Volts

    This Page is Under Semi-Continuous Modification..

    Email: w5aox at arrl dot net