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COMMENT:I rarely use my Commodores any more for the majority of my computing needs.
However, I have had a C64 running continuously, 24 hours a day, 365+ days
a year, as a radio repeater controller, for the last 10 years. It performs timing functions, senses
whether an incoming signal is present or not, activates the transmitter, sets
different remote radios to different frequencies, generates audio courtesy
and alert tones, etc, with a minimum of external equipment.
I've had to repair this C64 twice in all this time.
So, my experience proves (to me) the reliability of Commodore computers.
Of course, it also has proven the utter UNreliability of Commodore power
supplies, especially the 'black blob' sealed non repairable C64 power supplies.
My advice, if you still use the stock nonrepairable C64 power supply, is
to get rid of it QUICKLY and replace it with either a homemade power supply
or any other brand of replacement power supply EXCEPT the Commodore variety.
This does not apply to the large C128 style repairable power supplies, they
seem to be quite reliable.