Regenerative Receiver using 6C8G Dual Triode

Built from Available Parts on Hand in 1962

Since my Dad was a Carpenter, we had lots of wood available,
but little sheet metal, such as aluminum or copper. Thus this
super-critical regen receiver used a plywood chassis.
Radio Magazines in the 1960's had ads for "TUBES! 38 cents Each!"
This receiver used such a tube, mail ordered with saved lunch money.
It worked, and I could tune in all sorts of signals, from weak hams,
through such power-houses as HCJB in Quito, Ecuador.
But, tuning was critical. Even in a metal shielded chassis it would have been.
With the wooden chassis, however, it seemed to tune away from where I wanted,
with the slightest movement of hand or finger close to the knobs. I would HISS
at my brothers and sister for even WALKING behind me while I was tuning and listening.
I got a very nice SWL card from HCJB, with a picture of Jesus, and a "native hand-carved
ebony letter opener".
When trying to use it as a ham receiver, it was hopeless. Whenever I keyed up the 6L6
transmitter, it totally overloaded this poor receiver, and I could never find my own signal
on the band, since it was "EVERYWHERE!"
Thus, I would call CQ feverishly, then frantically tune the entire ham band, back and forth,
hoping against hope to hear some faint response with my call (Novice) in it.
It never happened.... but this station DID have some good uses. It kept me, as a teenager, off
the streets so much that I've often thought the ideal hobby for wild young men is... HAM RADIO.
Definitely not as absorbing as wild young women, but close.......!

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