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W2ETI is the Amateur Radio Club Callsign of The SETI League, Inc. This page is a portal into the official SETI League Website.

Amateur Radio Articles by H. Paul Shuch, N6TX

Classic ArticlesNote: These articles from QST, QEX, Ham Radio, RF Design, 73, CQ, Communications Quarterly, and CQ-VHF magazines are provided in Portable Document Format. PDF documents are large files. Downloading them may requie considerable time and consume significant bandwidth.
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  • Satellites, Astronomy, and EME
    1. A Cost-Effective Modular Downconverter for S-Band WEFAX Reception
    2. Calculating Antenna Bearings for Geostationary Satellites
    3. Orbital Analysis by Sleight of Hand
    4. Demonstrating Celestial Mechanics Through Measured Doppler Shift
    5. A Weather-Facsimile Display Board for the IBM PC
    6. A Low-Noise Preamp for Weather Satellite VISSR Reception
    7. Measuring the Mass of the Earth: The Ultimate Moonbounce Experiment
    8. 2001: A Moonbounce Odyssey
    9. Calibrating the Signal Generator in the Sky

  • Optics
    1. Wavelength Division Multiplexing Without Filters or Fuss
    2. An excellent article, but...
    3. Fiber Optics: Waveguide of the Future

  • UHF, Microwave, and Ham Radio
    1. Easy-to-Build SSB Transceiver for 1296 MHz
    2. Microstripline Preamplifiers for 1296 MHz
    3. How to Use Double-Balanced Mixers on 1296 MHz
    4. Rat-Race Balanced Mixer for 1296 MHz
    5. Low-Cost 1296-MHz Preamplifier
    6. Microstripline Bandpass Filters for 1296 MHz
    7. Vestigal Sideband Microtransmitter for Amateur Television
    8. Solid-State Microwave Amplifier Design
    9. Circuit Packaging for UHF Double-Balanced Mixers
    10. Interstage 50-ohm Terminator for VHF Converters
    11. Low-Cost Microwave Specrum Analyzer
    12. Calculating Preamplifier Gain from Noise Figure Measurements
    13. UHF Local-Oscillator Chain for the Purist
    14. Compact and Clean L-Band Local-Oscillators
    15. Quiet! Preamp At Work
    16. State-of-the-art Electromagnetic Jargon Generator
    17. Wideband Microwave Amplifier Design
    18. MMICs Mimic Mixer
    19. Parabolic Paradox
    20. Far Field Fallacy
    21. Maxwell Without Tears: A Fresh Look at his Infamous Equations
    22. Gaining on the deciBel
    23. Technical Correspondence: Microstrip Design Calculations
    24. Interstage Coupling with an Edge-Coupled Line

  • SETI

    1. Searching for Life Among the Stars
    2. SETI Made Simple: What Can We Do?
    3. SETI Horn of Plenty: an Argus Antenna Alternative
    4. Correspondence: Arecibo and SETI
    5. Technical Conversations: Cosmic Cousins
    6. Dr. SETI's Starship
    7. link to many more SETI Articles

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