Ellie Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship

We pay back to our ham radio hobby by providing a worthy student/ham radio operator with college financial aid.

BARC provides academic scholarship awards to any licensed ham in Boulder or Broomfield County under the age of 25 in any accredited college or university.

The Ellie Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship Fund is an endowment fund made possible by gifts from the BARC Club and BARC Juniors, and from donations from individual members and outside benefactors.

Application deadline each year is mid June.

Donations: If you would like to donate to the scholorship fund, either use the donation line on the BARC membership form, or use the PayPal button below (donations to this 501(c)3 fund may be tax exempt).


Recent Recipients

2019: Jerome Dinaker (KEØBBQ)

2018: Anna Veal (WØANT)

2017: Brooke Prigg (KEØNKS) and Divyam Mishra (KDØOOE)

2016: Saurabh Sanghai (VU2THH) and Matt Kurek (KCØUGA)

2015: Austin Schaller (KDØFAA)

2014: Austin Schaller (KDØFAA)

2013: Garrett Eastman (KCØYVC)

2012: Karun Kumar Rao (ACØXG)

2011: Jennifer Reilly (KDØMBO)

2010: Stephan Troup (KCØOJF)

The Ellie Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship is usually awarded at the annual BARC picnic in July.



Ellie Van Winkle - NØQCX (SK)

Ellie Van Winkle