BARC HF Remote Site

BARC has a remote radio site that can be accessed from anywhere through the Internet.

But, only if you're a local BARC member, of course.

A Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver is connected to a number of antennas on the roof of the airport building where the club room is located. The radio and HF antennas allow a user to get on bands from 80m through 10m using the two HF antennas. There is a 2m antenna and a 70cm antenna connected to the radio as well. All radio and antenna functions are controlled remotely via your home or laptop computer.

Applications are now being accepted

Contact a BARC Club Officer for details.

Remote Site Presentation by W4MQ (pps)

Remote Site QST Article 2002 (PDF)


Kenwood TS-2000 SAT




Fan Dipole Antenna on the Roof


Aerial View of Clubhouse