ARRL Field Day - Last Weekend in June

For many years, BARC has set up a 2A Field Day station high above the city of Boulder, Colorado at Betasso Preserve (elevation approximately 6,600 ft. ASL). The beautiful location is ideal for an active ham radio club like BARC to hold their Field Day because of the site's close proximity to the city of Boulder (only 6 miles away). The location is along a popular hiking and biking trail and affords very good public visibility and accessibility. Despite its close proximity to the city, it might as well be in the wilderness because all sorts of wildlife abound in the preserve.

The WØDK Field Day stations are well suited for 2A plus GOTA efforts. This is primarily due to the Herculean efforts of the BARC Field Day Chairman, Allen KØARK, along with other key members of the Committee: Don NØYE, Michael KDØFDJ, Ken NV5Y, Gary WØQN, and Mike W3DIF, who make sure all nitty-gritty details are taken care of and that Field Day goes off without a hitch. The essential assistance of other BARC hams is also much appreciated each year.

All hams and guests are welcome to show up, 'play radio', and enjoy a great Saturday lunch and dinner.

For more information, write to [email protected].

QST June 2009 Cover

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