Tuning 6 metres on your TV receiver

Here is an easy way to listen to 6 metres FM or AM on your television receiver using a signal generator or a HF transistor radio with a strong local oscillator rich in harmonics.

Tune your TV to a low tv channel 50 - 60 Mhz in VK that would be Ch 0 or 1 or in ZL Ch1 or 2, provided you do not have a local TV station on one of those channels.

To receive a 6 Metre FM signal for example 52.525 Mhz a carrier must be placed 5.5 Mhz below that is on 47.025 Mhz and you will hear any local 6 metre FM stations in your area , This idea also works quite well for AM signals since TV receivers are very broad in bandwidth.

An antenna suited for the low TV channels will provide fairly good results but don't expect the same performence of a dedicated 6 metre tranceiver since TV sets are not very sensitive or selective you may hear a station on 52.525 Mhz simplex and a repeater at the same time.
If the band is wide opened it should be possible to hear some distant 6 metre stations on Sporadic E.

I have used this method in my SWL days when there was a lot of 6 metre AM/FM activity also listened to 2 metre FM on Ch 5A and the Police 168 Mhz on Ch6.

Please note - this method cannot be used to receive SSB or CW.

73 Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC
 My method to use a TV set to tune 6 metres

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