10Ghz across Bass Strait

10Ghz_rec_large.JPG (30088 bytes) Here's the set up that was used to cross Bass Strait on 10Ghz.

The gear was a 600mm dish and 1 watt of power from a Qualcom Transverter with a 144 kHz IF. With good propagation we set a VK7 Distance Record of 667 km's to Trevor, VK5NC\P at Cape Northumberland near Mt Gambier, South Australia.

This was the second contact made over the water that day - 7 minutes earlier I had a 10Gig contact with Russell, VK3ZQB\P at Port Fairy, Victoria, a distance of 524 km's.

The same path to Trevor, VK5NC\P was also travelled later on in the evening on 3.4Ghz with a 600 ml dish and a Coffee Can feed system with only 40mw from a Transverter with a 144 Mhz IF. That was also a first across the strait on that frequency.

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