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Radios and Accessories


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Buy and Sell

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Amateur Radio

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Scanner Sites

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HF Utility DX

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Pirate and Free Radio

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Broadcast DX

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Shortwave Broadcasters

BBC-WS Radio Netherlands Deutche Welle V o Russia 
R Tirana (Albania)  V o Armenia (Yerevan) R Austria Intl R Baku (Azerbaijan)
Radio Minsk (Belarus) R Vlaanderen (Belgium) R Bulgaria (Sofia) HRT Croatia
R Prague (Czech Rep) R Denmark RTE (Eire)  R Ext Espania
YLE Finland R France Int Georgian Radio (Tiblisi) F t Helladas (Greece)
R Budapest (Hungary) Rikisutvarpid (Iceland) RAI (Italy) R Vilnius (Lithuania)
V o M'terran'n (Malta) QRT R Moldova Int R Norway Int R Polonia
R D Portugal R Romania (Bucharest) R Slovakia Int  R Sweden Intl
Swiss Radio R Tajikistan (Dushanbe) R Tashkent Uzbekistan R Ukraine (Kyev)
Vatican Radio R Yugoslavia  
R Australia R New Zealand China Radio Intl NHK (Japan)
Christian Voice Intl (Aust) Bangladesh Betar V o Cambodia R R Indonesia
R Pyongyang N Korea R (Sth) Korea Intl Laos Nat Radio V o Malaysia
V o Mongolia NBC PNG R Veritas Asia (Phil) FEBC (Philippines)
FEBA (Seychelles) R Singapore Int R Taipei Intl R Thailand Int
V o Vietnam      


The  Americas
VOA AFN/AFRTS R Canada Intl HCJB (Ecuador)
KNLS Alaska R Argentina el Exterior Radio Bras (Brazil) L V Christiana: Chile
R.F.P.I Costa Rica R Habana Cuba Radio Marti Radio Miami Intl
Radio Mexico Intl R Nac de Venezuela    


Mid East and Africa
V o Afghanistan Chnl Africa (Sth Africa) RAlgeriennes (Algeria) R Nacional de Angola
R Cairo (Egypt) Africa Number 1 (Gabon) Kol Israel V o I R I (Iran)
All India Radio R Jordan Radio Kuwait R TV Marocaine (Morocco)
R Medi 1 (Morocco) R Mozambique Voice of Nigeria R Oman
R Pakistan Qatar RTC BSK Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka BC
R Damascus (Syria) RTV Tunisia Vo Turkey  
Religious, Clandestine and other Non National Broadcasters
Adventist World Radio R Africa /R East Africa R Christian V Intl Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Europe Hi Adventure Mstry Dr Gene Scott's Network KHBI/WSHB
KTBN Trans World Radio U.N Radio WBCQ- "The Planet"
WEWN World Harvest Radio (WHRI) WINB WMLK
WTJC WWCR WYFR ("Family Radio")  
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Radio Related Software (Win/Dos only)

Digital Decoders

JV FAX  HF and Sat fax and SSTV

MScan from Combitech RTTY TOR SSTV HF FAX
HF-Fax and other decoders CW-GET Simple, effective, morse decoder
MMTTY Freeware Multimode descoder HamScope uses MMTTY engine (freeware)
Radio Raft (multimode decoder) SkySweeper Modular multimode decoder (with HFDL)
Air Nav Acars and Selcall Decoder and real-time aeroplane tracking  PC ALE Automatic Link Establishment
HF DL Air to ground data Linking via HF  
Other Useful Software
SHORTWAVE LOG. this is THE BEST radio related software I have ever used! Semi-Automatic logging, report and QSL request generating (in various languages), Propagation prediction, RIG CONTROL both locally and via internet, and its 100% FREE.  

ERGO Uses the latest online WWV time and propagation, combined with ILG skeds to predict what you can hear. Can even control your rig! (kinda like a commercial version of SWLog but not as featured)


Geoclock World time and greyline display. Includes Screensaver mode. Wall32  Geoclock like ever-changing desktop wallpaper. Very cool and FREE.
World time What time is it in...? HomePlanet includes a Geoclock clone, with satellite tracking, a Skyglobe clone AND MORE also FREE.
Get the latest HFCC or  ILG scheds, save it as an excel Spreadsheet. makes it easy to use and search. Better Still Import them into SWLog  
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If you know of any links of interest or software worth listing, or just want to say "G'day",  EMAIL me [email protected]

73 De Jem


3 May 04