Welcome to my corner of the Web.

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This is a place to find out a bit about me, and for me to post a few links to places I visit often.

Here I will put some pics of me and my family, and links to things of  interest to me

My name is Jem Cullen. I live near Springwood in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. Its an extremely scenic and beautiful part of the world, about 75Km west of Sydney and 500M above sea-level. The climate is mild with few days of summer getting over 35Deg C, and few winters nights below 0.

My main area of interest is shortwave and amateur ("Ham") radio, and one of the great things about where I live is that its really good for radio. There's not much R.F noise or static and I have enough room to string a few small antennas. That, combined with the elevation - overlooking a wild valley, makes for some excellent listening.

Although I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, most of my time is spent with receivers. However, I do occasionally key up the transmitter! My H.F setup here consists of an Icom IC-R75 HF Receiver and two lovely old Yaesu radios, an FRG-7 (Frog) HF receiver and an FT-101Z Amateur Transceiver (which I upgraded to ZD). These are backed up by a Sony portable receiver (Model ICF-SW7600). On VHF and above I use Icom's computer controlled receiver the the PCR-100, and some scanners (Realistic/Radio Shack's models Pro-2039 and Pro-2003 and an AOR AR1000).  I also run a couple of 2-Metre FM transceivers Icom IC-255E and a modified Philips FM92.

For antennae there's an Alpha-Delta DX-Ultra, a few wires as long as I can get 'em and a modified "StationMaster" vertical CB antenna. These are directed through an MFJ-941E or a Grove TUN4 ATU.

Digital modes are decoded using an older AEA Pakratt PK-232 (this is a very early model without M-box or TDM) and a Universal M1200 computer card or directly via the PC using various software packages, which I list and recommend, HERE.

My previous rigs have included Drake SSR1, Icom IC-720A and IC-740, Sony ICF-6700W, Kenwood R5000 and TS-440S-AT, Yeasu FRG-9600, Sangean ATS803a and and ATS800,  Realistic DX100, President Grant and various Realistic CB radios.

Click HERE  for pictures of my station and more info on my radios past and present!