Australian Radio Frequency Allocations

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Radio Frequency Information

The Radio Frequency Spectrum

BandFrequency LimitsTypical Allocation or Use
VLFVery Low Frequency3 kHz - 30 kHzOmega Navigation
LFLow Frequency30 kHz - 300 kHzRadio Navigation Beacon
MFMedium Frequency300 kHz - 3 MHzBroadcast AM
HFHigh Frequency3 MHz - 30 MHzHF Marine, HF CB Radio, Cordless Phones, Shortwave Radio
VHFVery High Frequency30 MHz - 300 MHzBroadcast FM and TV, VHF Marine, Pagers
UHFUltra High Frequency300 MHz - 3 GHzBroadcast TV, UHF CB Radio, Mobile Phones, Microwave Oven
SHFSuper High Frequency3 GHz - 30 GHz
EHFExtremely High Frequency30 GHz - 300 GHz

PLEASE NOTE: All information provided is for RECREATIONAL USE IN AUSTRALIA ONLY. DO NOT under circumstances, attempt to become involved in an emergency situation the police, fire or ambulance are attending - let the Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance Paramedics do their job quickly and safely without you in their way!

Please note that telephone conversations (mobiles, cordless phones etc) are ILLEGAL to monitor. Also, you may not act on any information heard on the scanner or publicly disclose information heard on the scanner. Information complied in these pages is from publicly avaliable sources. Please use the information in these pages in a sensible manner - I will not be responsible for any actions or outcomes affecting you by use of this information!

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