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Light: The new frontier?

These days Amateur Radio is broadening its horizons considerably towards the low and high frequency ends of the spectrum. Recently I participated in Steve VE7CA's 473kHz 630m crossband night November 1st UTC. Earlier this year I had my first QSO on Infra-Red.

I made a Video and PDF about Light Wave basics:

  1. A video about Light Wave Communication.

  2. Light Wave Communcation PDF

My Light Wave Gear:
Below I have some photos of my Infra-Red gear which I used to QSO with VE7SL, who was 70Km away and at sea level, from about 300m on a nearby mountain (to guarantee our first try would work!). We had very strong signals both ways using MCW. I could even see the red light flashing by eye! Code copy was considerably easier using the MCW receiver though! The gear was not difficult to build and expensive.


Box Container


Power LED



Receiver Construction



________Try it!