Mats Persson, SM7PKK, 5X1Z

Previously organised 3D2CT/CU Conway Reef DX-pedition which was awarded DX-pedition of the year 1995 by DXAC. Also organised T33T/T33R operation in 1990 as well as T33KK, T33CS in 1994.

Have also operated from the following: W6/SM7PKK, KH6/SM7PKK, KH8/SM7PKK, 5W1HK, A35KK, ZK1XI (90), VK2FVD, FW/SM7PKK, T30KK, T30WW, TF4WW, 3D2XR Rotuma, 3D2KK Fiji, 4U1UN, 5X1Z, 9Q2T, 5Z4RL, 4X/SM7PKK, SV9/SM7PKK, ZK2KK, Z38MRC, YU8/SM7PKK (Kosovo 1999) and several minor operations from other locations.

Was operator and co-organiser of 3D2AM Conway Reef in 1990. Also took part in the subsequent DX-pedition: C21BH.

Has made in excess of 150.000 QSO's since being licensed in 1986. Details about his credentials can be found in DX-magazine as well as in several other magazines.

Nils Göran SM6CAS
Nils-Göran Persson, SM6CAS

Co-organiser of this DX-pedition as well as the 3D2CT/CU DX-pedition and T33CS/T33KK operation. Organised DX-pedition to V63CS (first to activate Ngulu Island for IOTA). Organised TF4/SM6CAS and TF4WW.

Erik Sjölund, SM0AGD

SM0AGD is possibly one of the most well known calls associated with DX-peditions. His numerous operations have spanned a quarter of a century.

Erik has extensive knowledge of the Pacific area. In 1982 he made a seven month Pacific trip on his own, operating from 12 different DXCC countries, including Tokelau as ZM7AG, and Kanton as T31AE and SM0AGD/KH1. Curiously enough he was able to use both calls from the same location. In those days Kanton (then Canton) did count for both Central Kiribati and American Phoenix Islands due to dual administration of the island. Alternating between the two calls, the change being made at midnight UTC each day, he was able to give stations the chance of working him twice on consecutive days to give them two DXCC entities. He made 20,000 QSOs in just two weeks. This situation fortunately or unfortunately no longer exists!

Erik is looking forward to his return to these islands, and perhaps this time he will have time to look around a little more. Last time he spent every minute at the radio!

SM0AGD is enlisted in CQ DX Hall of Fame.

Steve G4EDG
Steve Taylor, G4EDG

Steve is a keen, 100% CW DXer and contester, holding #1 position in CW DXCC, and an ex FOC member. Steve was a member of the 1987 OF0MA Dxpedition from Market Reef, and has operated as 9H3ZC for the past two years during visits to Malta. He also put EU-11 on the air as GB0SM and G5M from the Isles of Scilly during the recent IOTA contest. Being a keen QRPer, Steve is well aware of the 3rd layer down signals, so feel confident your little pistol signal will be pulled through!

Ulrika SM6WYN
Ulrika Persson, SM6WYN

Ulrika is the daughter of Nils-Goran, recently licensed, she is an experienced traveller. She was part of the team with the T33CS/KK operation in 1994, and will be using the calls T31YL and ZK3YL. Ulrika will also be the official photographer of the expedition.

Lech Slawomir Tomczak, LA7MFA

Also holder of the callsigns KK6HC and SP5LGT. As yet, has not taken part in a major DXpedition, but has extensive experience in DX and contest operation, particularly on CW and is a member of HSC (High Speed Club). He received his first license in September 1979, so this will be his 20 years on the air celebration.

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