The Double Trouble DX-pedition team would like to thank following for their financial support and assistance:

OZ DX Group EU DX Foundation Chiltern DX Club UK DX Foundation INDEXA
German DX Foundation National Capitol DX Association LA DX Group Sveriges Sändareamatörer
Northern California DX Foundation Alpha Power Force 12

DK8OK G0LRX J. Bazley Bob Rylatt
JH4RHF Bengt Falkenberg NE. Mattick

Among all our sponsors we must not forget Mote T30MT and Peter ZK3PM. Without their help it would have been much more difficult to arrange this Double Trouble DXpedition. They have helped us with amateur radio licences, permits and invitations to go to Kanton and Fakaofu.

To those sending donations: We will bring supplies with us to both Kanton and Fakaofu. The supply boat to Kanton has not been there for 3-4 months, so they need rice, flour etc. Part of the sponsor money will be used for buying these supplies.

Please send individual donations to SM6CAS's address, preferably in registered mail. Do not issue money checks for smaller amounts, banknotes are preffered. If you wish to be one of our sponsors contact either Nils-Göran SM6CAS or Mats SM7PKK.

Even small donations are fully appreciated!

For banking details please use the following bank account which is a dollar account. This is only for banktransfers.

Acc holder: Mats Persson
Acc no: 05504196
Telex: 4192140CATERJ G
Bank: Cater Allen Bank (Jersey) Limited

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