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Welcome to the 1999 Double Trouble DX-pedition - T31T & ZK3DX

This page is designed to keep you informed of our plans, the objectives of our trip and timetable of the expedition. We hope that the posting of the latest news, operation plans and frequencies will help you make it into the log!

If you would like to give us your comments or feedback, please send e-mail to [email protected]

We will read your e-mails and entries in our guestbook to collect feedback from DX community while on the boat and islands. We will also update our news page with latest information on the progress of the DXpedition. There will be no online log on this page.

The expedition is now over. Everybody is probably home by now except Steve G4EDG who is travelling in New Zealand. We hope you have made it into the log, and that you enjoyed our operation. Unfortunately our packtor link did not work very well, and we had to give it up at Kanton. This was not a fairly tale so please do not envy! It was sometime very hard, but we gave everything for you back home. This was the only thing that kept us going when all the other motivation and strength was gone.

If you are interested in more than just 59 please stay tuned to this web site. I have made some 9 rolls of slides, and I am going to put some of them on the page shortly. I will also write a few stories about the island and its people, and there is a lot to tell. And we might even have a special guest here, Peter ZK3PM has written several books about South Pacific Islands, including Kiribati. He has promised to write a short history about both Tokelau and Kanton. So if you care for more please QRX and stand by, you will not regret it. Else go to some new DX'pedition site around the corner.

DX-pedition Objectives

This is a traditional type DX-pedition in the way we intend to operate. However the target is to operate from two DXCC entities, with maximum impact from both sites. The Primary target is T31, Kanton, a place that is very high on the "most wanted" lists around the world and has been the subject of DX-pedition speculation for a long time. The Secondary target is ZK3 Tokelau. A group of small, often bypassed islands who as yet have never been the subject of a large scale, multi operator DX-pedition. Despite not being very high on the wanted lists in some areas, is none the less very much sought after in areas such as Europe.

The itinerary is as follows:

T31T 23 September - 3 October 1999
ZK3DX 7 October - 12 October 1999

We intend to have three stations operational manned by the 6 operators, 24 hours/day. There will be beams for the HF bands, including the WARC bands and verticals for the low bands. The operation will feature one SSB site, one CW site and one WARC/Lowband/RTTY site.

The vessel transporting the team has already been secured and the total travel time for the team is 6 weeks.

The rough budget for this DX-pedition is about $30.000 US. The DX-pedition is looking for additional funds from Clubs and Foundations.

Each participant has contributed $1500 US. This includes everything from the day we depart American Samoa until the day we return in late October. Operators are responsible for their own expenses such as air tickets, hotel bills, and food etc. before and after the expedition.

Mats 5X1Z/SM7PKK, Organizer [email protected]
Nils-Göran SM6CAS, Co-organizer, [email protected]

QSL Information

SM6CAS, Nils-Göran Persson SM0AGD, Erik Sjölund SM6WYN, Ulrika Persson
Box 2050 Vestagatan 27 Järnmyntsgatan 7, 4 tr
436 02 Hovås 195 56 Märsta 414 79 Göteborg
Sweden Sweden Sweden

The trip

The plan is to leave Pago Pago, American Samoa on Friday September 17th aboard the yacht Te-Ni. We will arrive at Kanton Island a week later on September 23rd. We will stay on the island for a 10 day operation, taking in two full weekends.

Departure from Kanton will be on October 3rd, and we plan to reach the Tokelau group on October 7th. We will operate from Tokelau for 5 full days.

We plan to be back in Pago Pago on October 16th.


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