Radio Amateur is not a Hobby, it`s Life Style !!!

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Your Internet Guide to Greece
Go to Web Server for the Lesvos Island

Petrified Forest University of the Aegean Go to the Best and Realist site for Lesvos Island Theophilos the Painter OYZO : The Local Drink !

Thanks, to Matt Barrett All your Need to Visit Greece Islands !

The most  Beautiful  Island  of  Aegean  See.  Lesvos  is the  third  largest  island  in  Greece,  and  has  literally  countless  beaches  to  suit  all  tastes.  The  best - known  are   the  long  stretches  of  sand  at  Vatera,  Aghios  Isidoros,  Skala   Eresou,  Molyvos,  Petra,  and  Anaxos,  which  are  very  popular   with  summer  holidaymakers.  The  more  adventurous  visitors,  who  are prepared  to  negotiate  unmetalled roads, will  discover  a  host  of  idyllic  little  coves  with  quiet  fishermen`s  huts  or  a  solitary chapel.


Radio Amateur is not a Hobby, it`s Life Style...

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