I am QRV, in 6m Band, from 1997 when Hellenic Radiocomunications Ministry has 
give permission in Radio Amateurs groups to use the "Magic Band".
Since that time, i am QRV on Band, almost every day..
My special thanks to SV8QG (Alex) for his help and advises.
My first Qso it was with SP2NJE in 27 May 1997, (ICOM 706 and X-Beam)  
home made Antenna...
With this  simple, but very good Antenna, i work almost all the  Europe, and some 
Stations  of Africa..
The next year, i buy a 5 el. Yagi from Tonna, and a new Tranciever FT-920 with excellent
reciever in 6m, and untill the end of Year 2001, i work with this  equipment...
In the middle of  Nov 2001, fortune smiled on me, with F2 opening, on my  leave, every  
morning, 6m open  with JA, XW,DU,BY,VU,HL,VK,3W,VR2,EY,EX,UN,UK,
 and every afternoon open with North America, for about one Week .
This is the biggest " open" for me...
In December of 2001, i place order to Wimo Company (in Germany) for 6 el.
ZX-YAGI,  and about after 15 days, My new 6 el. arrival to me, and the New Year 2002
find me, on my flat roof, to assembly my new Antenna.
At the assembly, encounter some problems, other small, and other big problems,
manufacture problems, and after very hard work, toil and moil, and after the necessary
modifications, all ok !
Finally, this Antenna it`s a Big problem, for somebody to assemble...
BUT it`s worth while !
I have had excellent results with the ZX-YAGI, incredible, but it`s really !!
Almost Every day, the Magic Band it`s open for me, with big and small signal, 
sometimes very weak signal, but i Work with this ...
The last 3 Month (Jan-March 2002) I work many Difficult DX station, from VE, JX, UN,
JW, TF, V73, 5U, EX, VK, 9U, PY0/T, VU, D4, VR2, BY, S7, KH6 (Long Path) , and
Many Japan Stations, with ZX-YAGI, and when i turn the Antenna switch to my 5 el. Yagi,
the most times, Nothing !!
I feed the Antenna with AirCom Plus, and i search for LDF5-50.
Till now ,(end of October 2003)  i have work 123 Countries, and i hope soon, with Hard
 Work, and with my New 6 el. (6,40 m Boom)!!,  to have better results..


Qso with VR2ZXP  7.11.2001 ( Recorded by VR2XMT)
Qso with OK1FFD 12.6.1997 (Recorded by IK0FTA)
Qso with VK4FNQ 3.3.2002 (Recorded by SV2DCD) 


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