Radio Amateur is not a Hobby, it`s a Life Style !!!

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About me

My name is Periklis Kefalas,

I live in a small island, North - East of Aegean Sea, With name, Lesvos Island (EU-049). I passed my Amateur Radio examination in May 1994, and i have Class "C" license since December 1995. I can operate the Amateur Band from 160 m  - 70 cm. I work all Bands, and almost all modes, ( Phone, Cw, Rtty, Psk31, Sstv, Packet Radio), and last Summer 2001, i setup APRS System in Lesvos Island, ( with Help from my Best Man, and Best Friend, George, SV2BZQ, the 1st Radio Amateur, who setup APRS in GREECE. I work all bands, BUT i am really passionate with 6M Band. I like to search the frequency over the noise, everyday, and always, (if yet i work another band, i hearing the Magic Band. I also like the Windsurfing and the Fishing...I am Seaman, i can`t live away from Sea... I work in Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE), as Technical man on Computer Networks, and Investigation - Construction on Structured Cabling Systems. I married with Despoina, (SV8DTY) and we have a little girl Nickoleta (Photo).


Radio Amateur is not a Hobby, it`s Life Style...

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