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Last Updated
1st August 2002

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Operator of Special Event Station J42IFT for International Fair of Thessaloniki , in 1993.

Photo with SV2CCJ, Fanis on the right




Up: Operating Multi Operator Contest Station SX2T in 1997 CQWW SSB Contest.




Down : With SV2AEL, Savas operating Contest station SX2T




Operating J48ISL IOTA Contest Station from Amoliani Isl. in Mount Athos Gulf (ex. EU-049 , nw . EU-174)

From the left : SV2BOH (Ilias), SV7CLI (Akis), SV2CCA (Dimitris), YZ7AA (Stefan), YU1RL (Rasha), SV2BFN (Vagelis)

Operator of J47LAF Special Event Station in May 1998 for celebrating the liberation and the union of the region with Greece.

QSL Card J47LAF Alexandroupolis ,Hellas

Operator of Special Event Station J47LHA from Alexandroupolis Lighthouse (GRE-005) in August 1998 and 1999.

Left : J47LHA QSL Card

Right : J47LHA operators From the left : SV7CO (Nick), SV7AII (Nick), SV7AMJ (Sakis), SV7CLI (Akis), SV7BVU (George) and SV7CFP (Akis)

Operator and QSL Manager of SY7LH Special Event Station in August 2000 and 2001 from Alexandroupolis Lighthouse for International Lighthouse/Lghtship Activity Weekend Other Operators : SV7AIF (Vagelis) and SV7AMJ (Sakis)