Welcome in SV1DPI's site

sv1dpi's shackThank you for visiting my site. My site is mainly dedicated to ham radio. If you don't know a lot for ham radio, maybe this is your chance to learn more. See what is Amateur Radio in ARRL's site.

There are some ham related projects like how to use uiview to setup APRS, how to organize your QSL cards, how to use W6EL software to make propagation prognosis and several others. Beside these you can find some tips for my lovely logging program : DX4win.

You can read about my dxpeditions, or to see the online log and ask me to send your qsl via bureau or direct.

Finally, learn my ham radio story, see photos of my station and my friends famous or not, and see interesting statistics in About me section.

Thank you for visiting my web "home"...

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