How to setup UIview for APRS

UIview is a program for APRS. G4IDE wrote it and after his death made it free for all. Here you can see how i have seup mine. Note that i transmit meteo data while i am connectin to an internet ARS server. I don't use a VHF. Go to Setup Menu. Choose Comms Setup. If you use a vhf for APRS, then you must setup computer's com where the vhf is connected. Setup has differences depending with tnc.


Same menu, second choise is Station Setup. Give what i have... Becareful that wx stations are usually -2 but we give -6 because it is the only way bot blocking by local digipeater...


Setup menu and WX Station Setup. You must say to uiview where it can find the meteo data. I use Cumulus to get the meteo data from the meteo station. Cumulus produce a file called wxnow.txt which is putted in the Cumulus instalation directory.Cumulus is free.


Something similar happens if you use Weather Display (much better but is costs money). See below setup with weater display.


Now we have to setup ARPS server (again in setup menu). I use 2 Greek servers. You must check the servers you want to use. Becareful to give your validation number. Follow the direction in Uiview site how to get a validation number.


This is what it needed. It is good also to go in Options Menu and uncheckshow map outline and το sound enabled.

If you want to add maps, add them in maps directory inside the UIview installation directory.

Fianlly go to Actions menu and click to connect to APRS server!!!

I want to say a big thaks to Asterios SV2HQL who teached me what i know for APRS...