QSL cards management

When we used to have paperlogs, it was better to have our cards sorted per entity. This way it was easy to find them to submit for DXCC.

Now most of us use a logging programm to keep our qsos. I use DX4Win but any program has the same logic. So i think it's better to have our cards sorted alphabetically because when we need to submit for an award, the logging program will tell us which cards are needed. I have started from 1a0km, after that is the 1a4a and at the end is zz4rgs. So i can find easily and quickly any qsl card. I have put all of my cards into drawers, as you can see in photos.










Every QSL card has its own story. I love any card i have received and i give somteime in anyone. The most valuable card i have is not a real qsl card. Vicky SV2KBS was in Lord Howe Island some time ago in a dxpedition like VK9LA. So she send me a card signed by all the dxpedition participants... Tnx Vicky... and i hope you will go again in suc rare dxcc entities and send me again another one...