2010 Virginia QSO Party

Updated: 9 Jul 10

The 2010 Virginia QSO Party will during the 3rd weekend in March.
Its objective is to promote amateur radio activity in Virginia's 95 Counties and 39 Independent Cities.

Awards Ceremony: Pictures of the awards ceremony held on Sunday, 13 Jun, at 1000 at the Manassas Hamfest as well as a copy of the presentation (1.6MB pdf file).

Plaque Awardees: The plaque awardees have been selected. Please join us in wishing them congratulations.

Log Metadata: A list of all logs submitted along with scores, categories, etc. In draft and expected to change as mistakes and obmissions are identified and corrected.

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2010 VQP Certificate: Celebrating the State Tree and the State  Shell.

Presentation: Updated on 1 Feb 10. A presentation (in .pdf) on the VQP including rules, a list of plaques and sponsors, and statistics from prevous VQPs.

VQP Contest Rules
: (html format or MS Document) Changes for 2010. Mobile and Expedition stations should use appropriate suffix in callsign. Satellite QSOs allowed.

Plaques and Sponsors: 24 plaques including new "VA Mobile Single Operator"

Paper Log Summary Sheets: (.pdf or .doc) Used to record header information for paper logs. Not required for cabrillo formatted logs.

Cabrillo Files Format Electronic submissions are requested. Cabrillo file format (v3.0) (or earlier versions) are acceptable.

Virginia Counties and Independent Cities
: 95 counties and 39 independent cities (html format or MS Document)

Worked All Virginia Award:  The "Worked All Virginia" award is offered by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Presentation Offer and Schedule: SPARC will give a presentation on the Virginia QSO Party to any group in Virginia

Planning Calendar: The calendar is available for review.

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