2010 Virginia QSO Party
Planning Calendar
  Date    Activity Comment
Oct 09 Post Cabrillo Format for submitting logs. Done.
Oct 09 Initial discussion of VQP rules Done.
Nov 09 Rules finalized and published (post to web site) Done
Nov 09 Event submitted to ARRL, CQ Magazine, and others for publication Done
Nov 09 Solicit sponsors for Plaques In-Progress
Nov 09 Verify list of counties and independent cities is current. Post to web. Done
Nov 09 Coordinate with logging software developers: Not Done
Nov 09 Interest other logging programs in supporting VA QSO Party Not Done
Dec 09 Start County and Independent City Coverage solicitation Done
Jan 10 Request VA Section support for advertisement Done
Jan 10 Coordinate with Old Virginia Hams to confirm inclusion in the Manassas Hamfest Cone
Jan 10 Review and post Summary Sheets to web site Done
Jan 10 Mail hardcopy announcement/flyer to all clubs in VA Done
Feb 10 Ask Director, Virginia Section, for email to all Virginia Hams. Done, 24 Feb
Feb 10 Post to mail reflectors (PVRC, etc.) Done.
Feb 10 Email flyer to all clubs in Virginia Done, 21 Feb
Feb 10 Email to all hams who submitted log last year Done. 16 Mar 10
Feb 10 Announce VQP over all Virginia Nets Done
Feb 10 SPARC makes telephone calls to hams in low QSO areas from last VQP Not Done
Feb 10 Initial plan for K4NVA station operation Done
Mar 10 Finalize plan for K4NVA station operation Done.
Mar 10 VA QSO Party Done
Mar 10 Update Certificate format Done.
Apr 10 Log scoring at SPARC meeting Done.
Apr 10 Post log metadata to web site for review Done.
May 10 Coordinate Awards Ceremony support Done.
May 10 Post list of Plaque Recipients Done.
May 10 Invite plaque sponsors to awards ceremony Done.
May 10 Notify plaque recipients of preliminary award Done.
May 10 Coordinate for plaques Done.
May 10 Update All Time High Scores and post Done.
May 10 Print Certificates for sponsors and participants. Done.
May 10 Prepare presentation / briefing for Awards Ceremony Done.
Jun 10 Present plaques and certificates at Manassas hamfest Done.
Jun 10 Mail plaques to those who were not at Manassas hamfest Done.
Jun 10 Mail Certificates to those who were not at Manassas hamfest Done.
Jul 10 Post awards ceremony briefing to web site. Done.
Jun 10 Update web site with pictures from awards ceremony. Done.