2010 Virginia QSO Party
N1LO/P Expedition

'LO Gordon,

Windmill point, on the tip of Virginia's Northern Neck in Lancaster County, was by far the most pleasant location to operate from. It was Ham Radio with a view. The QSO party gave me the incentive and opportunity to try out some new gear, such as the Yamaha generator, stealth V/U antenna (weighs about 1 oz), and stealth 80m doublet (24 ga bare copper). I also successfully tested a 2-way cross-band repeat cell set up to access the '37 machine across the river in Gloucester.
As always, curious onlookers get an introduction to Amateur Radio! Not being to worried about bagging QSO's, I took breaks to enjoy the scenery and some photography.

The weather was fantastic all weekend, making the adventure all the more memorable.

Thank you for all the work that you and SPARC do to set things up!

     Gloucester, VA
Locations Activated
/1 - Lancaster
/2 - Middlesex
/3 - Mathews
/4 - Gloucester
/5 - York
/6 - City of Williamsburg
/7 James City

Windmill Point, Lancaster County, VA
"Onlookers see amateur radio in action; The road ends, but communications don't!"

Top of Antenna detail

20100320 Taking a break from the Va QSO Party to enjoy the secnery:
Starry moonscape at Windmill Point, Lancaster County, VA

Taking a break from night ops. Windmill Point, Lancaster County, VA
Made on 16 April 2010