2008 Virginia QSO Party

Updated:  13 Sep 08

All Time High Scores
(After the 2008 Virginia QSO Party)


1800 UTC on Saturday, March 15, 2008 through 0200 UTC on Monday, March 17, 2008.
To promote amateur radio activity in Virginia's 95 Counties and 39 Independent Cities.

Table of Contents

Ceremony Briefing
Ceremony Pictures Posted
Plaques and Certificates Mailed
Awards Ceremony Held
Plaque Recipients
Awards Ceremony
Log MetaData
VQP is Over
Plans for Selected VQP Stations Operations
2008 VQP Rules
Plaques and Plaque Sponsors
2008 Virginia QSO Party Certificate
2005-2007 County and Independent City Coverage Data
Contest Logging Programs
VQP Summary Sheets
Virginia Counties and Independent Cities
Cabrillo Format
Worked All Virginia Award
Presentation Offer and Schedule
Planning Calendar

Ceremony Briefing: The briefing presented at the 2008 VQP Awards Ceremony is available in pdf format.

Ceremony Pictures: Pictures from the 2008 VQP Awards Ceremony have been posted.

Plaques and Certificates Mailed: 24 Jun 08: All plaques and certificates have been mailed to those who did not pick them up at the awards ceremony. Please email if you do not receive your plaque or certificate in the near future..

Awards Ceremony Held: 23 Jun 08: The Awards Ceremony was held at the Manassas Hamfest. Good event. SPARC had fun putting it on.

Plaque Recipients: 31 May 08: Updated list with with corrections based upon revised scoring. 25 May 08: The tentative list of plaque recipients has been posted for review and comment. It may change as we continue evaluating logs.

Awards Ceremony: 25 May 08: The Virginia QSO Party Awards Ceremony will be held at the Manassas Hamfest (http://www.w4ovh.net/hamfest.htm) starting at 10:00 AM on Sunday, 8 June 2007.  Please come and join us.

Log MetaData: 31 May 08: Updated metadata with several minor corrections. 19 May 08: A few minor updates. 12 May 08: Numerous minor updates. 335 logs received.  4 May 08: Minor updates. 29 Apr 08: All paper logs received have been checked and data entered into MetaData file. Please report any errors in the data to [email protected] 23 Apr 08: Minor updates. 332 logs received. 20 Apr 08: Minor updates. 327 logs received (found some duplicate entries). 17 Apr 08: Posted summary data. Still imcomplete. Paper log scores still have to be checked and misc other data filled in. 328 logs received. 15 Apr 08: 315 logs received. Still expecting more in the mail over the next 2 weeks. 12 Apr 08: 304 logs received. 6 Apr 08: 292 Logs received. 3 Apr 08: 285 logs received. 1 Apr 08: 275 logs received. 26 Mar 08: Initial Log MetaData is available. The logs are coming in fast. We have 233 so far.

VQP Is Over: 16 Mar 08: The Virginia QSO Party is over. It sounded like everyone had a great time. Please remember to submit your logs in cabrillo format to [email protected] We had a very successful party. Special thanks go to the operators of the Sterling Park ARC club station, K4NVA. They were: Don, K7CS; Jim, KF4PQL; Dick, W2YE; John, N3QT; Bud, W4KSN; Chuck, KI4IEO; Gordon, NQ4K; Henry, K2BFY; and Bill, WF1l.
Plans for Selected VQP Station Operations: 8 Mar 08: Here are items related to VQP from some participants.
             Kyle Chavis, WA4PGM, will operate as a mobile. http://www.wa4pgm.us/VQP/VQP.htm.
             Ham Radio QSO Parties. A web site with a couple of short entires related to VQP. http://www.qsoparty.com/
             Fauquier Amateur Radio Association web site about VQP. http://www.w4va.org/index.php?module=article&view=8
             K4EG - Alamance Amateur Radio Club, will be operating an expedition from Patrick County, Floyd County, Henry County and Martinsville.

2008 Virginia QSO Party Rules:
9 Dec 07: The rules have been finalized for the 2008 VQP. Minor changes are:
     1) Added Short Wave Listener (SWL) as a category to determine if there is any interest.
Our power categories are Hi/Lo and QRP. However, we are asking for operators to indicate whether they are high, low or QRP in their log for data collection purposes only.
     3) We considered eliminating or reducing the number of DX multipliers allowed, but decided not change the DX multiplier rule for the 2008 QSO Party.     
     4) We reviewed the VQP rules against rules from other state QSP parties and determined we are a typical party.
11 Nov 07: The draft rules are posted for review and comment. There are no significant changes from last year. Short Wave Listener (SWL) was added as a category.

Plaques and Plaque Sponsors 9 Feb 08: Jerry, KJ4IT, volunteered to sponsor a plaque for Short Wave Listeners (SWL). The VQP now awards 23 plaques. 18 Nov 07: A tentative list of plaques for the 2008 VQP is available and we have begun soliciting sponsors for the plaques. The organizations sponsoring plaques last year will be given the first opportunity to sponsor the same plaque as last year.

2008 Virginia QSP Party Certificate: 23 Jan 08: The Certificate is available for your viewing. This year the certificate features two icons unique to Virginia. The Chincoteague Pony and the Smithfield Ham. We recommend you download the certificate to your computer before opening the file.

Contest Logging Programs. 18 Feb 08: : Logging programs designed for the Virginia QSO Party always help. We accept any logs, but logs submitted electronically and compliant with any cabrillo format are preferred. The following logging programs have been used in the past and they have been modified to support the Virginia QSO Party.

    * Scott & Kimberly, N3FJP & KA3SEQ, Amateur Contact Log is available at http://www.n3fjp.com/.

    * Andy Arnold WV8AA, VA QSO Party Logger is available at http://www.lastnamesoftware.net. He can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected] 6 Mar 06: Andy emailed that the software ready for the 2007 Virginia QSO Party and he requests reports on any problems.

    * Ron, K5DJ, WriteLog is available at the WriteLog web site at http://www.writelog.com/. Emailing address is [email protected]

    * N1MM Logger is available at http://www.n1mm.com.

In the past, we have had trouble with call signs being accepted by some programs. Specifically expedition call signs may be not accepted because the logging programs believe it is a duplicate call when a second contact is made from a different county/independent city. Mobiles use "/M". Expeditions may use  "/P1" or "P2" for a multiple expedition locations, or "/XXX" character abbreviation like "NQ4K/CLA" or "NQ4K/FFX". Please accept dupes in software logging programs as this will be corrected when we rescore the logs after they are received by the VQP Committee.

2007 County and Independent City Coverage Data: 7 Dec 07: Data is presented on the QTH of received logs and QSOs in Virginia from the 2005 - 2007 QSO Parties. These can provide insights into the most sought after counties and independent cities. (MS Powerpoint (842K) or PDF (342K)).

VQP Summary Sheets: 13 Jan 08: The Summary Sheets  (MSWord format and PDF format) are used when submitting logs which are not prepared by a standard contesting program which supports the VA QSO Party. They provide a mechanism for capturing the information needed to identify the station's operators and operating conditions as well as providing a format for calculating the entry score.

Virginia Counties and Independent Cities: 17 Nov 07: The number and names of the Virginia Counties and Independent Cities used as multipliers remains unchanged from last year. (html format or MS Document)

Cabrillo Format: for submitting Logs: 11 Nov 07: Cabrillo format for submitting electronic logs. We will accept logs in this format or in the format generated by any of the programs above.

Worked All Virginia Award: 17 Nov 07: The "Worked All Virginia" award is offered by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club at http://www.qsl.net/rvarc/rvarcwava.html.

Presentation Offer and Schedule: 23 Sep 07: SPARC will present a briefing to interested groups in Virginia on the Virginia QSO Party. This includes a review of the rules, the results of the 2007 VQP, and some thoughts for competing in this year's events. Please contact Gordon at nq4k@arrl.net if you are interested.

Planning Calendar: 23 Sep 07: The calendar is available for review.

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