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Updated: 4 July 2006 

2006 All Time High Scores

2006 Virginia QSO  Party

Awards Ceremony Briefing: 4 July 2006. The briefing presented at the Awards Ceremony has been converted to a PDF files and posted. It contains the log metadata and QSO data analysis. (We recommend you download it to your computer and then open it in Adobe Reader instead of opening it in a browser window.)

Awards Ceremony Pictures: 4 July 2006. The
pictures have been posted to the web site.

Awards Ceremony Held:  13 Jun 06: The 2006 Virginia Awards ceremony on 4 Jun at the Manassas Hamfest went exceptionally well. Ray, KD4RSL, served as the photographer and took some  excellent pictures. Henry, K2BRY, was the photographer's assistant and recorded names to go with the Photos. Jim, KF4PQL, passed out the plaques. Dick, W2YE, and Bill, KC4ATU, cheered us all on. The presentation and photos will be posted soon.

Awards Ceremony: 29 Apr 06: The 2006 Virginia QSO Party Awards Ceremony will be held at the Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club "Manassas Hamfest" on Sunday, 4 June 2006, starting at 10:00 AM. Directions are at the Ole Virginia Hams web site (

Plaque Recipients: 29 Apr 06: The tentative list of Plaque Recipients had been posted for review and comment.

Log Scoring: 22 Apr 06: Dick, W2YE, Jim, AF4MO, and Henry, K4BFY, score paper logs (2006_VQP_Log_Scoring_1.JPG2006_VQP_Log_Scoring_2.JPG at the shack of Gordon, NQ4K, on 22 April 06.

Received Logs: 22 Apr 06: All logs received have been entered. We have 281 logs, a significant increase over last year. We will be reviewing the log data for the next 2 weeks before we finalize the list of Plaque recipents. If you notice an error in the logs received web page, please email so we can correct it. 23 Mar 06: A list of logs received and the meta data will be posted as soon as we can.This will be continuously updated as we receive logs and we verify scores. If you see information you believe is wrong, please email ([email protected]) so we can correct any errors. Concurrently we will update the Soapbox comments received in either the log or the body of the submitting emails.

The Party is over. I had a great time operating from the club station, K4NVA, operating at the station of Dick, W2YE. I even operated a little from my home location as NQ4K. 73, Gordon.

The Virginia QSO Party will be held  from 1800 UTC on Saturday, March 18 through 0200 UTC on Monday, March 20 (for Virginians, that is Saturday from 1:00 PM to Sunday at 9:00 PM local time).

Musings: 1 Mar 06: Gordon,NQ4K, Party Chair, has some amusing thoughts.

County and Independent City Coverage: 10 Dec 05: Jim, AF4MO, has undertaken to make contacts with amateur radio operators and to maintain a web page devoted to ensuring that all 95 couties and 39 independent cities in the State of Virginia will be activiated during the 2006 Virginia QSO Party. Please support this effort.

9 Mar 06: Ace, N3AHA/MI, writes: I live in Leesburg and am not planning a big effort giving out counties, but I will be looking for VA counties I need on CW.  Please pass along to participants to encourage them to post counties on the county hunters web spotting network.  It will hopefully generate more contacts for VA participants." He recommends /

Contest Logging programs. 5 Feb 06: Logging programs designed for the Virginia QSO Party always help. We accept any logs, but logs submitted electronically and compliant with any cabrillo fromat are preferred. The folllowing logging programs have been used in the past and their authors indicated thay have been modified to support the Virginia QSO Party.

    * Andy Arnold WV8AA, VA QSO Party Logger is available at He can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]. 6 Mar 06: Andy emailed that the software ready for the 2006 Virginia QSO Party and he requests reports on any problems.

    * Ron, K5DJ, WriteLog is available at the WriteLog web site at Emailing address is [email protected].

    * N1MM Logger is available at

    * Scott & Kimberly, N3FJP & KA3SEQ, Amateur Contact Log  is available at

Presentation Offer: 9 Jan 06: Gordon Miller, NQ4K, has offered to present a briefing to interested groups in Virginia on the Virginia QSO Party. This includes a review of the rules, the results of the 2005 VQP, and some thoughts for competing in this year's events. Please contact Gordon at if you are interested.

"Worked All Virginia" Award: 20 Feb 06: The "Worked All Virginia" award is offered by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club at

Misc Forms: 11 Mar 06: Various paper logging forms have been provided by several hams. These should be used in conjunction with the summary sheets mentioned below. Fixed Operation (by W4AU in PDF format) Mobile Operation (by W4AU in PDF format, by N4VA in MSWord format, by N4VA in PDF format)

The Virginia QSO Party Summary Sheets: 7 Jan 06: The Summary Sheets 
(MSWord format and PDF format) are used when submitting logs which are not prepared by a standard contesting program which supports the VA QSO Party. They provide a mechanism for capturing the information needed to identify the station's operators and operating conditions as well as providing a format for calculating the entry score.

2006 Virginia QSP Party Certificate: 24 Nov 05: The Certificate is available for your viewing. This year the certificate features the Virginia State Dog, the American Foxhound, and the Virginia State Bat, the Virginia Big-Earred Bat.

Plaque Sponsors: 1 Mar 06: One additional plaque added. This is "High Virginia Club - Virginia QSOs Only.: 18 Dec 05: Two additional plaques are being sponsored this year. These are "High Virginia Single Operator Phone Only" and "High Expedition." 21 Nov 05: The Sterling Park ARC appreciates the contributions of the 2006 Virginia QSOParty Plaque Sponsors. The list of plaque sponsors has not been finalized. If you or your club is interested in sponsoring a plaque, please email

The 2006 Virginia QSO Party rules : 9 Dec 05: The rules have been finalized. 16 Nov 05: The draft rules are posted for comment. There are no significant changes from last year. Changes are indicated in red type font.

The list of 95 counties and 39 independent cities: 16 Nov 05: The list is unchanged from last year.

Cabrillo Format (MS Word Format or html format) for Submitting Logs: 15 Sep 05: Posted draft of format for review and comment. Comments are welcome.

Planning Calendar: 15 Sep 05: The calendar is available for review.

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