Virginia QSO Party

Updated: 13 April 2006 

2006 Virginia QSO  Party Soapbox Comments   

AD8J emails: I am also sending a hard copy of log with summary sheet and donation.  Only operated the first day.  Made the four hour each way trip from Pittsburgh to operate in this contest.  It made for a long day!

Adam KD4MCA emails: Hi all,  Attached is the log for the KD4MCA/mobile operation during the VA QSO Party.  I had a blast.  I decided to drive to Clintwood to see my grandfather on Sunday and decided it would be fun to activate some rare counties.  I may have been the only station from Dickenson in the contest and maybe the other counties I went through as well.  It was fun being rare DX.  I know my 100 watts and a $9.00 hamstick didn't put out the best signal on the bands, but for driving around the back roads of SW VA I was pleased and most importantly had a lot of fun.  Looking forward to next year when maybe I can try to hit some of the other counties in the SW corner of VA as well.  Bring our troops home. Peace and 73

N3GE emails: Propagation condx poor during this party.

Avery KD4GBA emails: Here is my log for this year.  Wish I could have heard more stations from VA but was fun anyway.  73
Dana, AD5VCI, emails: I am a new ham and this was my first QSO contest.  I enjoyed it, but I won't guarantee there were not goofs, particularly with the 2 CW contacts.  I grew up in McLean and went to U.Va., so it was a bit of old home week for me.


Dave, W9QL, emails: Thanks for a great QSO party.  My log submission is attached.
GERD DL5AWI writes: First day QRL and sunday lousy condx! Hope to have better situation in next year! 73 from Germany

Don, VE3HUR, writes: Hi, Attached is my log for the 2006 Virginia QSO Party.  ...  Thanks for the fine contest - it was lot's of fun. 73

Dwight, AI4II, writes:  Don't see where to attach the dollar bill (hihi)!

W4NHJ writes: Excellent, thanks.  Had some minor problems with software.

Gary - CU2JT, writes: Hello, ... I do enjoy being in the QSO Party, wish, however, that the activity could be better. I only managed to work 39 out of 100+ counties and independent cities. A special thank to N4VA/M, who provided me with 8 of the worked counties. I had a couple of hours during "prime time" on 20 destroyed by some device in the neighbourhood that caused S9+10dB static noise. My result this year was far better than last year, in spite of the ongoing BARTG RTTY contest that spilled over on 7050 KHz and caused some QRM. 73 and thanks for the contest.

Ian N8IK writes: Hi Gordon, Here's my Cabrillo log.  New plaque category - lowest score ever! ... 73,

AG4SO writes: Please note all digital QSO's are PSK-31  Thanks

john we9n writes:  tnxs for a fun contest. looking forward to next year.

Pete, KG4OJT writes: Greetings and thank you for putting on a fun contest. Attached is KG4OJT.log, my submission for the Virginia QSO Party. 73,

W2UDT writes: Attached is my VA QSO Party Log. Nice to see good activity from VA. Missed a good part of Saturday due to dinner commitments and other chores. Sunday 40M prop was long most of the day and 80M very noisy so I got some outside cleanup done. Did sneak out 2 Qs on 20M cw though. 80M came alive late Sunday afternoon with some good cw/ssb Qs. 160M netted only one QSO with W4ML. My CQs resulted in very little response on 80M/40M but 75M SSB was great with 40 Qs. Still need Dickinson and Lousia counties. Thanks to the mobiles who, as always, make the difference. CU next year. 73, Bill

KN4IJ writes: my first one
Jim / KG4YLZ writes: Used N3FJP's Va QSO software.  Please let me know if this file is correct. Had more fun than last year. 73

KB9YGD writes:  tnx wonderfull time  e s 73 de

Steve K4EU: Happy to see more activity this year.  Sorry wasn't able to operate any on Sunday.  Thanks for all the Q's.  73....//

W3MGL:  Great fun in a Great State

VE7FCO: Band conditions were not the Greatest.  

N4NW: Although there were more Virginia Counties and Cities on the air, this was thwarted by the poor propagation conditions - which were further exacerbated by a minor geo-magnetic storm.  This was my first effort as a multi-op, single transmitter using multi-band spotting. Usual frustration by the 75m "we own this frequency" crowd, although you could be on the suggested contest frequency for hours before they showed up. We even received an email from the folks in SD claiming that we were on their net frequency before the net and cause IX to the net! Unfortunately we never heard them or would have been happy to QSY. CW mode was such a pleasure - no complaints of nets there!

WF1L: 40M HF from mobile on Saturday was horrible. 2M/70cm was ok but crowded.  I need better mobile antenna for 2/70.  Was surprised how wide FM signals were.  Had to QSY more than 10MHz to get a clear spot.

Dan KB6NU: Thanks for another great contest. It was lots of fun. 73!

KB6NU:  I'm hoping that I defended my 2005 "High Single Band - Michigan" title. I made more Qs, worked more counties, and consequently, scored more points, so I think I have a good shot....Dan

WA4JA: Hope the excel file will work OK. Enjoyed what little time I spent with the VA stations. 73,

W4RQ: SOAPBOX: Conditions were not so hot!  Usually do much better!!

KG4VXP: Thank you very much for conducting the VA QSO Party.  You provided me with my first contest. As a rookie I don't really know whether my category was mobile or expedition.  I was driving around to different jurisdictions working contacts from Fairfax, Fairfax City , City of Falls Church, Arlington , and City of Alexandria. I selected mobile. Also on the multipliers I wasn't clear as I was mobile during the entire contest, but I was only in five different counties and cities when I logged the contacts.  Moving around, I logged contacts that originated in 11 counties or independent cities.  Again thanks to your club for conducting this event.  Furthermore, I appreciate K2BFY taking the time to regularly announce the QSO Party on the Northern Virginia Traffic Net.  His announcements and subsequent discussions motivated me to participate.  I am indeed glad that I did.  I hope you'll do this again next year, because I'm already thinking about how I can get into triple digits on my log. Sincerely,

N4CY : Had a great time with this contest! Are there any plans for separate high/low power categories in the future? I considered operating QRP, but wanted to get the most points that I could for my club, so went with 100 watts. 73,

AI4TD: Enjoyed the party!  73

W1CRO: ten watts wouldn't cut it on 160.  Too much moise.

KI4IEO: Thank you sooooo much... I had a blast doing the contest this year.  Learned a lot and will adjust next year.
KI4FYO: Better than ever!  Well done.  Set up PayPal so it is easy to donate!!!

KI4MWQ: Thanks for all your hard work in putting on such a great party!  My first contest as a HAM.  I had a wonderful time!

WS4V: If 40 was any worse we would have to used cell phones but I had a ball!

K5EK:  THANKS, for a great contest!!!! First time I have used an electronic log.

K5EK: Please put K4NVA on the UHF/VHF bands for the mobiles.

K4EJ: Comments:   There are 95 Virginia Counties and 39 Virginia Independent Cities, so lots of MULTS (134) to chase in this one ... I followed my radio partner Kyle, WA4PGM (operating as W4W/m) for 30 of my QSOs ... Kyle was out to smash all existing VAQP/m records, which he did!
Last year, I had 62 QSOs x 49 MULTS for 4,230 score. This year, besides a significant improvement in score, my most satisfying accomplishment was being able to complete 32 contacts on the 80/75 meter band, a good shakedown for this weekends coming WPX SSB.  Worked the following nine(9) mobiles for 51 of my total QSOs:  AD8J/m  K3ONW/m  K4PH/m  K4UK/m  K7SV/m  N4VA/m  W3ZI/m  W4W/m  W4ZPR/m   73

W4TMN: I just got my new call on Saturday and my first Virginia QSO Party was a great way to try it out.  I had a fantastic time.  I only wish I could have worked every county.  Maybe next year!

PA3ARM: Still need 15 counties in VA fer mi USA-CA; hrd es worked some /m stns but sigs in general too weak fer the serious work. The one contact with Larry, N4VA/m from MADISON made it all worth though since it was the only one in the Northern part of VA I still needed. Sunday no contacts: no propagation. Hpe to meet U next year agn 


KI4LWA: Very difficult band conditions on 40 meter

NG7Z: Here's my log for the contest. Not much to brag about but glad to be part of it. Competition from the RDX and BARTG was stiff. 73 and CU next year

W4SHG: Here is my miserable log, around 10 hours tinkering. Thanks for putting this on, it was fun.

W4SHG: 75 Meters needs to be flushed

KI4FW : Many thanks for running the VAQP.  My score is below that of last year; I didn't get the Qs or Mults, even though I hoisted a temporary monster 80M dipole on Saturday night (and took it down before the neighbors realized what was going on).  Oh well. Maybe I need a 40m dipole, too. My comment is, again: The VAQP just isn't a 2-day contest.  There isn't enough VA participation to warrant it.  Listen on 20m and 40m on Sunday afternoon -- nada. It doesn't sound good for us when out-of-staters call CQ VA for 20 minutes without a reply.  And a 2-day event isn't necessary for the contest to succeed.  I suggest holding it on Sunday only (10AM to 10PM).  That would make for a lot more excitement and competition.  Saturday efforts compete with the Russian DX contest, which probably takes away many of our VA participants. Again, thanks for your efforts.

k3gy: Hello Gordon,great party and a tip of my hat to the many mobiles that braved the highwaysto supplement the party and my scoring! When you have the time will you please reply by e-mail if you received the log. Again a great job! 73

W4W/mobile (WA4PGM) Very little short skip on 40 meters again this year. Hope you're find the log complete and accurate as my software tells me.   :) 
Happy to see the website made it back up before the contest. Made it to 43 counties/cities out of my mapped route. It was fun and now what to do next year? Now your job starts and thanks! See you next year. 73,

VA3RKM:  Congratulations on the good turnout for the event.  FT817, 5W, dipoles. Enjoyed the contest!

K0UK: Made one big qso..thanks PTL

KB9BIT: My first VAQP, 40M signals all FB here, even the mobiles.

K4AMC:  Thanks for having the contest.  Lots of activity.  My best score yet  despite no 20m Qsos.  Picked up few new counties for my USA-CA. Thanks for nice certificate from last year.  See you next year.

KD6AKC: Had a great time touring Virginia.  Thanks to KI4FYO for finally getting me out of Louisa County!

W4W/mobile (WA4PGM):  (Thought I would send a litter more soapbox and include a photo. Had a few changes in the route due to problems. Murphy rode along this year and provided lots of RF into the keying line. Note the slower speed on Saturday. With condx being poor and little activity we headed home early Sunday to try and correct some problems. Big thanks to WB3K for driving the first half of the contest and to my best friend a couple hours or so on Sunday.  717 Miles, 43 Counties/Cities, 21 Hours 37 Minutes. Whew! 73, Kyle

W1END: Great activity on the lower bands.  I'm sure 20M would have been as good if it was a little further away.  Outstanding mobile activity.  Thanks to everyone.  See you next year for sure.  Rig was  TS830s (100W) and Butternut HF6v Vertical.

George K4GM: I thoroughly enjoyed the contest.   This is the first year I have had the house in Mecklenburg County.  I had started installing antennas earlier but had only a 20-10m vertical ready to go by contest start time.  Then I put together a dipole using temporary poles for support but they both broke. Spent the next few hours trying to find alternate supports but gave up and just hooked it to a small tree and shed with the center atop a step ladder at 8 feet....  Sunday I couldn't hear much on 20m. By next year I should have a tower with a TH7DX and a permanent wire antenna for 80 and 40. Still had a lot of fun and improved my score significantly over last year. Look for me in Mecklenburg again next year. 73

KE4HOT: This is my first QSO Party, what an experience!!

N8II:  I had just about 2-1/2 hrs to operate after working the RUDX test on  Saturday. Another weekend would suit serious contesters better when no  DX or major domestic tests are scheduled. I ran stations well on 75M, but  40M was poor with long skip only as short as extreme SW VA at best. Condx were much below normal, sorry to say. I hope I helped a few with the WV mult. Thanks to Dick, W2YE for putting the bonus stations on the air which I worked 2 or 3 times and for the log checking.

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