Virginia QSO Party

Musings of Gordon, NQ4K

I am a relatively new ham with a small station. I run 40-50 watts from a 25 year old Yaesu FT101ZD (I think one of the final amplifier tubes is bad) thru 300 ohm transmission line to an 88 ft dipole made from old stereo speaker wire. And of course, the antenna is oriented east west, the wrong direction for the Virginia QSO Party.

How am I going to excel in this event? (I want one of those plaques but of course I help run the event so I am not eligible, but I can dream.)

I will:

Maybe run in the digital modes. These were new plaques last year, but there were no entries last year. Probably only be a few entries this year. The big stations will be in mixed mode and therefore there is an opportunity for a smaller station.

Consider doing an expedition. This year is the first year for the Expedition plaque. Only 1 expedition entry last year. Maybe an opportunity. I could take my radio, run off of battery power, throw a wire over a tree and I have an expedition. Maybe two different QTHs, one for each day.

Go to a county or independent city that had few QSOs last year. This QTH will probably be in great demand. This analysis shows coverage from last year (pdfMSpowerpoint). 18 Counties and Independent Cities has no QSOs last year. The 2006 Coverage page provides an indication of who has signed up this year.  Even if  I cannot get a plaque, I have an excellent opportunity to get a certificate saying I was HIGH in this QTH.

Finally, I will work with my club to get all the club members to submit a log. There are two HIGH CLUB plaques this year, one oriented toward only Virginia QSOs. Maybe with one strong station and a few mobiles and an expedition or two, my club could get all the Virginia multipliers and a lot of Virginia QSOs to win the HIGH Virginia - Virginia QSOs Only plaque.

Plenty of opportunity. Just have to get on the air.

Gordon, NQ4K
[email protected]

Undated: 1 March 2006