SP9HZX                                                         Class A CEPT 500W

June 05th, 2012

I'm keen on portable and mobile activities. CW and SSB are my favourite modes though I enjoy AM and FM on 10m at times. I'm fond of mobile antennas (screwdrivers and helicals), magloops and microvert antennas as well. I always use a barefoot transceiver, frequently QRP,too. My main interest is HF activity but I can also be heard on 6m,2m and 70cm. Echolink as well.

Also a gourmet of good whiskey and wine, Italian espresso and Mediterranean cuisine.

The sea life is my great love so I do a lot of freediving and spearfishing. Apart from ham radio I'm keen on marine life, sea kayaking, boating, photography (also underwater), foreign languages, martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu,Krav Maga and Kobudo weapons), flying, good cars, bonsai trees and visiting remote areas.

HF RIG: FT897D, TS480SAT, IC7000 + LDG Z-11Pro/ FC707, IC703Plus
HF ANT: MFJ 1788x Magloop, Outbacker Perth, Atas120a, Chameleon Micro Hybrid+Mil Whip, HM Magloop, Inv V ant, Outbacker Outreach, Outbacker Classic, Spiderloop A100, Kenwood MA-5
My favourite CW keys are definitely Junker, Bencher RJ2 and RM31.Finger Morse CW Straight Key,just for fun when portable.

VHF/UHF RIG: TR751E, Luiton LT898UV, TH21E
ANT:2m/70cm MR77 Diamond, Diamond NR-780R , Moxon 2m/70cm