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There are several ways to travel from Bangkok's Don Muang Airport to the Arnoma Hotel. RAST Members will be on hand at the airport Terminal 1 - meeting point on the Thursday and Friday to welcome guests and to give assistance to select the most suitable method of transport. Some of the choices are:

- The Arnoma Hotel limousine service, which can be reserved through the registration form. They charge 800 Baht Nett per way per car between 0600 and 2400 hours, and 1200 Baht between 0000 and 0600 hours.

- Thai Airways Limousine Service (24 hours) use Mercedes Benz cars and charge 1000 Baht for standard, 1500 Baht for Premium Service. Toll Fees are extra (Approx 70 Baht). If you travel with Thai Airways it is possible these prices are reduced or the service is offered within your package. Counters are located in the arrival areas. Telephone +66 2973 3191 or 3199, Email <[email protected]>

- Airport Associate Co., Ltd (AAC Limousine) Offer 24 hour limousine service 650 Baht per Mercedes Benz E200 Cars. Toll Fees (approx 70 Baht) Extra. Counters located in the arrival areas. Telephone booking +66 2 982 4900 Email <[email protected]>. Web-site <www.aaclimousine.com>

- T Tours Service Centre - offer Volvo Cars at 650 Baht including express toll fees, and Micro Buses at 1000 Baht (8 persons). Counters are located in the arrival areas are open from early morning to late evening.

- Prahibab Transport Co. offer Toyota Camry Limousines at 550 Baht per car including expressway toll fees. Their cars are parked outside the arrival terminals and their representatives are on duty from 0600 until midnight.

- Public Meter Taxis. These are available outside each terminal. You pay the meter fare + 50 Baht + Expressway Toll Fees. Prices should be between 250 to 350 Baht. Make sure they switch the meter on!.

- Airport Bus. These buses start at Terminal 1 and pick-up at Terminal 2 and the Domestic Terminal. They stop at the World Trade Centre opposite the Arnoma Hotel. From Monday to Saturday they run every 30 minutes between 0530 am to 0100 am. They travel on the expressway and charge 100 Baht per person.

- For backpackers and the really, really thrifty people, you can try to pick up a meter taxi on the main road outside the airport, thus avoiding the 50 Baht surchage. Travel to Mo Chit - Sky Train Terminal, and take the train to Chidlom Station (40 Baht) just round the corner from the Arnoma Hotel.

- For the even more thrifty people, you could walk the 35 km to the hotel?

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